Long line at Logan

Terminal C

Citrone photographed the cab line at Terminal C at 10:30 p.m.



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I've seen this happen even when the silver line was running.

It's a combination of a number of factors: planes landing with many passengers, shortage of taxis, back log due to bad weather.

If I'm landing at Logan, and we've had bad weather in this area, I'll prearrange transportation from the airport to my apartment. If it's been nice out, and I expect things will go smoothly, then I'll take the silver line into the city. I've been wrong, and have ended up in this long taxi line.

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The Blue Line and the

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The Blue Line and the Massport shuttle to the Blue Line were both operating Sunday after 2 PM.

Maybe it was all extra people heading to locations along the B-Line, which did not resume service Sunday.

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Yes, I am

and I never go out when The Walking Dead is on.

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Liked for your inconvenience

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Now, I wonder what Judge Tulip's bloodthirsty verdict for his friend is...

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