Oh, they'll pay for it in June

But for now, Boston Public School students can rejoice: No school on Tuesday.



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No they won't pay for it in

No they won't pay for it in June. They won't show up, the teachers will be sleepy, and everyone will agree to look the other way.

The last week is a joke, not

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The last week is a joke, not sure if matters where in June it falls. I thought I lived in a tough city that could shake off a snowstorm and get back to work, is it really that bad? I was able to drive out Dedham and go shopping on Sunday, just sayin... Oh, for whatever it's worth I work at a school and have BPS kids of my own, cabin fever setting in!

I think some of it has to do

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I think some of it has to do with walking conditions, especially in schools that may have multiple buildings. There is icy slush everywhere and there are also still streets that haven't been plowed.


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If that was the case, why did the BPS wait till 5-6PM to announce this? People have to make plans.

If the city thinks it will take till Thursday to deal with this situation, it should just say so.

The problem is that when the

The problem is that when the teachers and students know that they're dealing with snow days, there's a tacit agreement among them to quit trying. I remember more than one year with a week's worth of snow days that teachers were actively lobbying to get exemptions from the state to dump out early.

I work as a custodian for a

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I work as a custodian for a school in Charlestown. Our school is not ready, the sidewalks are 4-12 feet high with snow due to plows and neighbors piling it on. Just this afternoon they finally sent plows to my building and I hope when I get in in the morning the sidewalks will finally be workable for shoveling and snow blowing.

Teachers need places to park, school buses need safe places to drop off kids and people need clear sidewalks to walk and its just not happening without bobcats and plows that only got there today after working at schools in East Boston.

Bunker Hill Day

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The last week at BPS is a farce. Friday before, they give out awards like perfect attendance, honor roll, etc., and the books are closed. At Field Day, teachers ask parents, "will your kids be coming next week?" Monday is the ludicrous Bunker Hill day, a scheduled holiday that needlessly extends the school year. Then, for the 10-20% of kids who show up, they hook up an overhead projector to a MacBook and show movies. They should really scrap Bunker Hill Day holiday and use it as a make up day.

Magic words

Quoth my late grandmother: "Anyone want to play bunco?"

We were gagging to go back to school after the first day of hurricane closures.


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I seem to remember entertaining ourselves pretty well for the two weeks we missed in '78. What kid is ever dying to go back to school? And I liked school! But still--we were more than happy to spend all day playing inside and out.

Neighborhood friends?

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Sounds racist, knowing your neighbors... Put your kid on a bus to a different part of town stat.

And you can't blame Nemo

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Blame the incompetent Public Works Commissioner and the contractors who should have been removing the snow 3 days ago.