Dorchester state rep: We need 'Roadrunner' as the official Rock Song of the Commonwealth

The Globe reports state Rep. Marty Walsh is poised to introduce a bill - at the urging of constituent Joyce Linehan - to give the song by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers the same status as the black-capped chickadee, cranberry juice and Roxbury Puddingstone as official symbols of the Commonwealth.

You may recall Linehan has long campaigned for an official Dorchester song.



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The motion passes

Standells don't stand a chance- it's a song about the river, not the state.

I also vote for for the Gremies for official Dot song song.
And guess what, Not Whitey, I'm calling you Not Swirly b/c you're just as ubiquitous and clueless on so many topics as she as.


Nice Try

Real clever attacking people who haven't even commented yet.

But, don't feel bad, sweety. I'm sure you will come up with something clever and original - at least clever in Dorchester - someday.

There was a NotWhitey post here

Slamming the Modern Lovers.

Not sure what happened to it and don't care. Whitey's becoming as insufferable as you are.

Your bias is showing again, Swirrly. The biggest neighborhood in Boston and you think people are less clever there than, where, Somerville?

Your "townie" and "Masshole' comments are getting as sily as you claiming that compassion was working for the Sob Story Guy b/c he became MORE aggressive. Good Lord, give it a rest.

And to the other Dot dude- I wasn't talking behind anyone's back, I posted what I wanted to say. Not exactly fighting words but I've always backed up everything I've ever said.

Great idea Willietulip!

How about Aerosmith's Don't Wanna Miss a Thing? Or Billy Squier's Rock Me Tonight? We can all wear tights and dance around in out bedroom to that one.

Ever see There's Something About Mary? You know the dude who pops up inbetween scenes, singing about what just happend? That's Jonathan Richman. He's NOT a nice person, and he will fucking cut you. Especially if you dismiss the song before even listening to it. But I'm willing to bet you've heard it at a bar at some point in your life, even at a bar as shitty as the White Horse.


Is commercial success the only way to "earn" status? I would take all of the quirky, brilliantly written, arranged and locally themed music of the Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers over any of the ego driven, crowd pleasing, boring-all-sounds-alike hyperdrivel or power ballads of Boston or Aerosmith.


That's right.

I'd prefer the local toiler in the trenches over the group that formed here and then made it big and went away. Granted Brad Delp was a real local kind of guy - but Steven Tyler just testified in the State Hawaii. Summers in NH like Mitt Romney. Aerosmith and Boston make great bands for Boston to claim (Cars were mostly transplants - in terms of the two frontmen) but for Massachusetts? Willie Alexander, Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers (which includes a member who went on to the Cars), good examples of people who kept it local (maybe not by choice).

And as someone else said, not the version that's in that video.

(My own personal preference for a local band - not song- to be so honored would be The Bags, as they have a song that name checks Spot Pond and Ponkapoag.)


Looks like a clip show

This looks like a TOTP clip show from the 90's or early 00's flashing back to unusual hit songs based upon the graphics. Jimmy Saville probably had the week off so he could go molest more 14 year old girls in hospitals(Look it up).

The Sex Pistols have a great cover of this song where Lydon just kind of gives up on the lyrics about 4/5ths of the way.

I am in full favor of giving the hammond organ version of this song, not the horrid version of it in the video Official Rock Song Status. Really, anyone crank up All Hail To Massachusetts when it comes on the radio? Anyone?

Arlo Guthrie song

I thought the Arlo Guthrie song "Massachusetts", not to be confused with the sappy Bee Gees song of the same name, already was the official state song. While it's not a "rock" song per se in the manner of "Roadrunner", it's a pretty good song.