Coming up: A show for people who find 'Southie Rules' too highbrow

VH-1 debuts a show about drunken Ah droppahs on, naturally, St. Patrick's Day. The following is the lead paragraph of a press release the network sent out today:

Work hahd, play hahd: that's the motto that six adultsters featured in VH1's new Boston-set reality series "Wicked Single," premiering Sunday, March 17th, 2013 at 11:00 PM ET/ PT, live – and party – by. But although they never miss an opportunity to hit the club, these young Bostonians sometimes wonder if the trappings of adulthood may be passing them by as they revel in "Monday Fundays" and "Tuesday Boozedays." Ultimately, this group of friends is looking for the answer to one question – how can they grow up – without growing old?

Let's meet one of the "adultsters:"

Chrissy, 27, the pretty "Southie girl" with a tough streak is often the peacekeeper of the group. She pays the bills by holding down 3 different jobs – working at a prison, hairdressing, and being a promo girl. Chrissy loves to date around but isn't super concerned with finding anything too serious.

Prison? Wonder if she knows Chaffin.



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    Grow Old?

    They won't have to grow anything. Old is guaranteed to come find them - much sooner than they think - if they keep living like this into their 30s.

    I do like that they show that these people actually work and work hard, though. Party lives aren't just for trustafundians and college kids.


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    Adulsters? REALLY???


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    When they embiggen, you mean?

    I foresee reoccurring cast

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    I foresee reoccurring cast members making crossover appearances on Judge Judy, COPS, and Boston's Finest in the near future.

    I'm nominating "date around" for euphemism of the week.

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    Also, I didn't realize that working in a prison could a part-time gig. Is this somekind of non-DoC job (as I recall, those folks get paid reasonably well and have good benefits and rightfully so)? Can we make the college kids who get arrested for stupidity-related misdemeanors do this job as part of their community service sentences?

    Leave Southie Alone!

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    Ultimately, this group of friends is looking for the answer to one question – how can they grow up – without growing old?

    I think these people have it backwards. You're going to grow old; it's inevitable. What you want to avoid is growing up and I don't blame you one bit. Being a grownup frequently sucks.

    Stay thirsty, my friends. Stay thirsty!

    Three Jobs?

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    Paying own bills?

    Pretty damn grown up right there!

    Not like their "job" is to show up and sell T-shirts at there Reality Show store ... but only when they feel like it.