Shaw's artistry

Fish heads

Local lad at Shaw's on Hyde Park Avenue has fun with fish heads.



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everyday price...LOL

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now I know where I can pick up a fish head for a buck 49.

Not sure if I want to know the answer to this one

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What do you use fish heads for? Is that what you use as chum when you go out with Captain Quint looking for trouble?

Please don't tell me that you put them in stews. The thought of a fish eye in a soup bowl is just too much. I don't like it when my food looks at me.

Otherwise, I appreciate the sense of humor, aesthetics and creativity at the fish counter at Shaw's.


Much of the world, particularly in Europe, South America and Asia use fish heads as a soup base. There's more flavor and meat than we get from animal bones for broth.

Back when

Grocery stores used to have the same attitude, and threw such things away. If you were in the know you could ask for the fish heads and get them for free. Once that happened a few too many times someone realized they could make a buck off of it....

For making fish stock. The

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For making fish stock.

The more pressing question is, does the price include the lemon slice?