Space-saver entrepreneurship: Two guys driving around Southie picking up space savers and reselling them

Caught in Southie reports, although since this is South Boston, naturally they were seen as bad guys and were caught and confronted and forced to put some of the chairs back instead of getting a proclamation from the city.



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Not just Southie

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I saw a scrap metal truck driving around Peters Hill in Roslindale on Tuesday night with several things in the back that looked like they might have been space savers.


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That’s actually pretty smaht. Can you get cited for theft when picking up illegal trash/dumping on the road? Me thinks not.

Maybe we can start a funding campaign for them, or possibly even just organize post snowstorm flash mobs to do this ourselves.

It’s time to kill this sociopathic, shithead tradition. Part of owning a car in the city is the need to deal with the issue of city car ownership, which include dealing with snow. These entitled assholes have no claim over these spaces, are threatening property destruction, and quite frankly breaking several city and state laws.

Lets go after the real criminals!


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While I have no problem with someone being creative and trying to make a buck off of someone elses desire to protect what they have done, I do have a problem with folks like Anon who think that because you live in a city and owne a car that the world is your oyser. When there is snow obscuring legal parking and someone takes the time to make the parking available then it is somewhat selfish and stupid to think that work was done on your behalf. If you live in a community and there are enough spaces to park then you should take your sorry butt out and clean the spot so you can put YOUR vehicle there. If you are too lazy or uncaring that you will wait for someone else to put in the time and effort and believe that because you live in a city you now have the right to take any spot someone else took the time to clean, you may be correct legally but marally you are a bottom feeding, pig that lives off the hard work of others and socialy unfit for civil society.


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In a discussion whose low-water mark so far has been CJ's illiteracy, you have somehow managed to lower the bar even further, anon. You do realize that by placing a parking-saver in the street, you're claiming that you have exclusive ownership of a 10x6 foot block of city street, yes? Street which no deed can give you title to, because it's municipal property? And that you are claiming ownership based on the ten minutes of shoveling that it took for you to clear enough snow off of your car that you were physically able to drive it out of the space? And that every other person on the street had to do exactly the same thing you did, just at some other spot a hundred yards (or five miles, because there's no capacity in local parking lots for that many cars) away? And that, by extension, you are claiming that your ten minutes of labor entitles you to this space *forever*, or until the snow melts in six weeks? During which time everyone else who lives near you has to abandon their car, or pay to store it somewhere else? And you actually have the audacity to call the folks following the laws in Boston "bottom feeders" and "unfit for society?"

I was on the fence, but you've strengthened my resolve, anon. I'm going to take every saver I pass on my way home and toss it in the nearest trash can. The level of narcissism it takes to think the way you do is just staggering.

Just Wondering ...

Putting aside the obvious issue of "owning" public property for a second here ...

IF one assumes that somebody who parks in a shovelled out space "didn't shovel anything, lazy, didn't do any work for it, etc." ...

THEN where the hell was their car when the snow hit? Was it magically somewhere like Florida that they didn't have to shovel it out of another space? Is it just assumed that "all BMWs" (because we are regaled with BMW stories here it seems) lurk in a magic land of snowlessness - or a garage - until the storm abates just so they can emerge, "steal MY SPOT!!!" and piss someone off?

Or is it simply likely that people shovel out somewhere else and then take an open public spot somewhere else when they return.

Inquiring minds want to know!

Do you not drive? Or just not

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Do you not drive? Or just not park in the street? Are you seriously saying you've never seen any evidence of someone motoring out of snow without properly digging it out (maybe with a few friends giving it a little push while the tires spin)? This happens far too frequently and they should not be taking a spot that someone else cleared out while they abandon another spot that still has enough snow for someone to spin their tires in. If you live in New England and own a car, get a shovel, and use it. Stop being such a selfish little brat.

Selfish? Look in the mirror.

I think most rational people believe that those who are attempting to steal public property and threatening violence are the selfish little brats.

If you are okay with doing something illegal and being a piss-poor neighbor, then I guess that says more about you than anything.

That isn't answering the question

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Where do you think the other car was, and why do you think that it *must* not have been either dug out or dug out as *perfectly* as "your" space was?

I'm just saying that there are not fleets of BMWs parked in North Carolina and waiting ... just waiting ... for the snow to end so they can descend on Southie and Charlestown just to upset the locals.

It is a far better bet that the somebody else who took a given spot that they have a legal right to occupy dug out of another spot, or paid a nice chunk of change to a garage and got the heck out of the way of plow crews and left a free spot for another.


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Stole this from his stoop:


Yeah, the justification these dirtbags tell themselves would be amusing if it wasn't so funny. That girl had it coming to her for dressing that way too! She made me do it!


No one cleans out a spot just

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No one cleans out a spot just to park there later. One cleans out just enough to drive away, thereby abandoning the spot to the next person that needs to park. Shoveling does not impart ownership.

It's supposed to snow again

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It's supposed to snow again this weekend. Please, try it in Southie, write us from the hospital bed after to let us know how it went

For reals people, it's a

For reals people, it's a fracking space saver. If you really are going to get in a physical confrontation because someone stole your space you need to grow up. I get it, stealing a space is rude, but come on I thought we lived in a civil society.

Oh, Southie Dittoheads

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Space savers save a space while you're gone. What you really going to do when I remove them on my walk to work every day?

Also. What happens when you vandalize the wrong guys car who then parks in it unknowingly?

Who's the tough guy now?

There's a post in UHub titled

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There's a post in UHub titled "The Code of the Masshole" that details exactly what happens when someone else parks there

These two put their big boy pants on

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and kick space savers to the curb knowing that some unsuspecting person will park in the spot and may get their car damaged. Can you say LOSERS?!

Unsuspecting person? *I* parked in the spot...

and, as I said earlier, nobody did SHIT to me or my car. I know you really, really want to fantasize that my windows got shattered, my car got torched, and that I got dragged three blocks by my toenails and beaten within an inch of my life. Sorry to burst your bubble, tough guy ('anon' oh how tough you are; you wont even register as a poster), but nobody did anything.

Several people saw me remove the space saver, park my car and walk away. Nobody said anything, nobody did anything.

As I've posted before, I don't recommend that everybody (or anybody) do as I did. But there you are.

Doesn't make for great daydreaming, but it's the boring real world that we live in.


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Losers are the criminals vandalizing and destroying property.

But you probably think bitches are snitches and Whitey was a hero.

Whitey (Yawn)

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Puh-leeze!! The Whitey comments are getting really old.

Tough guy?

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Certainly not you. Take the spot saver but not the parking spot. Probably the kid who rang doorbells and ran away, too.

Yup, and I'll keep doing it

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Yup, and I'll keep doing it until these dirtbags get caught. I'm guessing most people messing up others property have warrents out anyways. If they don't, they will soon enough.


Please, try it in Southie,

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Please, try it in Southie, write us from the hospital bed after to let us know how it went

is that kind of like saying, "Please, Black person, try to attend a White school and write us from the hospital bed to let us know how it went?"

The only way to change pernicious bad behavior is for people to stand up to it.

It actually depends

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Some municipalities consider trash at the curb to be property of the municipality paying for trash collection. If Boston were to consider abandoned space savers to be trash at the curb, they could theoretically say you are stealing from the city.

I doubt they'd actually do this in practice, though.

Can you get cited for theft ?

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Maybe, but more importantly these immigrants almost got a beat down. Sometime entrepreneurship will cost you some blood.

Business model

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Setting aside the wisdom, morality or legality - is this really profitable? What's the scrap value of a folding chair? As compared to the gas used and time wasted driving around, grabbing chairs then taking them to the neighborhood scrapyard?

I ask myself..

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I ask myself the same question.. where i live (chelsea), I see a bunch of trucks with metals inside. I mean come on.. they drive around all day and get pennies on the lb for scrap metals. It has to be somewhat profitable for people to do continue to do it.

Same with the bottle/can collectors.. they keep doing it, so it must be somewhat profitable.

Why the snow limitation?

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I circled for half an hour to find a space near my apartment! Why should some lazy person who just drove up and found it get it? I should be able to save my spot because I worked so hard to find it!

Lipton or Salada?

Which one do you prefer? I like Twining's myself, but my Ma and my Grandma always drank Lipton. That's why I still keep Lipton in the house.

He's only a hero because of the other deed he did...

.....thwarting a purse snatcher, as cited in the article.

But if people in South Boston want to regard a guy as a hero for taking garbage that has been collected from the street, and throwing it back into the street, hey give him the key to the city.

What's next, are people going to take bags of dog poop out of garbage cans and empty them back onto the sidewalk where the poop rightfully belongs? To cite the article, that would be in accordance with "Southie Law" as well.

Parra is keeping peace in the

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Parra is keeping peace in the neighborhood by stealing stuff out of someone else's attended truck?