Stop making sense: Somebody in Southie is trying to say something at 'his' parking space

Commuters won, residents zero - wha?

This sign, at L Street and Marine Road in South Boston, left Steve Brady scratching his head.



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who's better than that

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She's got the smoke in her eyes.
She's coming up, going right through my house.
She's gonna give me surprise...

I think it has to do with...

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I think it has to do with how, almost a week after the blizzard, some snow emergency routes were still not plowed to the curb. They plowed a few lanes on the major arterials for the commuters, but I was left scratching my head as to why some major roads, like Berkeley St. and Broadway off the top of my head, were not plowed curb to curb days after the storm.

Isn't the idea of a snow emergency/parking ban to keep the main roads clear so they can be plowed in their entirety without any cars present? Why was this not done? I saw many plows drive up and down these roads for days with their blades up during the parking ban. Now they have to put up temporary "emergency" signs to complete the job they should have done while the parking ban was still in effect, increasing the number of cars looking for available spaces on side streets.

Big Problem

This is much bigger problem then the space savers stories. Boston and especially Cambridge have 2-4 feet of snow on most major roads out from the curb. So people park 3-5 feet from the curb and partly block the travel lane. Then traffic gets far worse and it takes that much longer to go anywhere. And it will be like this for weeks!

Either remove the snow, plow to the curb, or prohibit parking until cars can park in normal spaces without impeding the travel lanes even a small amount.

plowing onto sidewalk

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Also, the DPW seems to be going around clearing roads by piling snow on sidewalks. So anyone walking is screwed. And the people adjacent to the sidewalks are screwed because they become responsible for the snow.

Cars over people every time.

I carved out my space

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This is exactly what I observed in Roslindale on Robert St. During the blizzard, one lane was plowed a couple of times. The other lane eventually melted down to black asphalt. Now we have 5-foot wide, 4-6 foot tall berms on either side of the street.
As I excavated "my" space--like a tooth in a jack-o-lantern exception to the berms along the street--I can't tell you how many plows I saw go by with blades up. Every other storm has been marked by plows making repeated have to worry about the plows blocking your driveway. This time...nothing. So now we have no parking spaces on this snow emergency route. P.S. don't take my space. ;)

Same In Eastie

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Chelsea street cleared of cars by Mayoral decree, yet the snow remains. Not only that, but the Eagle Hill area (home of the DPW) still sports gigantic mounds of snow as well. Oh, I've seen dump trucks truckin' through the neighborhood, but none with a speck of snow in or on them. Makes me wonder how the mayor for life does it... the pompous windbag. Must be that so many old East Bostonians are plugged into the governmental system via campaign contributions, connections, etc. None of our local pols have a thing to be proud of really, yet they stroll around with their heads held high.