JP group claims it's a municipal board but not part of municipal government

The Jamaica Plain Gazette interviews the chairman of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council, which claims it has standing to sue over a proposed South Huntington Avenue development because it is a municipal board, but which says it doesn't have to worry about the city dissolving it because it is not "a branch" of municipal government. Got that?



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JP is the worst

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You can go into Whole Foods in JP any day of the week to see exactly how wrong these clowns are about everything.

If I understand the complaint, the 'neighborhood' which consists primarily of a hulking, empty VA hospital would be ruined by added condos?

I don't live there

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But I highly suggest the sane residents ban together and create the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Board.

Give the actual politicos someone reasonable to talk to, that actually represents the community, and these idiots will be left beating their peace drums by themselves.

The problem is the people who

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The problem is the people who would qualify as reasonable have other priorities (i.e. family, work, friends), that end up preventing considering this sort of service. At least that's what does it for me. If I felt I could do this with a small time commitment, I might be persuaded to look at it.

Spot on

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My wife and I live in JP and find these clowns to tedious and a complete joke. If you've got a family and "real" job, you really don't have the time for the Council nonsense.

JPNC demonstrates it's tone deafness

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This board is a disgrace. Oh, we're only any entity that benefits us. We're a municipal board, but not when we need to have open meetings, then we're something else.

And no mention of how the attorney who's supposedly representing us, the fine people of JP, is on the board that decided to file the lawsuit.

Disgusting. Their supposed desire to have community voices heard is ridiculous, as there are approximately 10 people in the community who don't want this project to happen, all of them apparently on the JPNC.

Where do I file papers to get this board disbanded? I'm not even kidding.

Disband the JP Neighborhood Council

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I would be happy to join you in the effort to disband the neighborhood council. Do we talk to the mayor? Our various other elected representatives? The neighborhood councils were started a few mayors back (I think Mayor Flynn). Does that mean a subsequent mayor can undo what a predecessor did?