OK, put those cones and chairs down

At least as of 6:30 p.m., no Snow Emergency or Parking Ban has been declared in Boston.

The news is unlikely to please either the East Boston resident who filed a formal complaint asking for action against somebody who "moved our space saver and stole our shoveled spot" or the person in Dorchester who filed a formal complaint asking for action against neighbors "still using space savers leaving residents who stopped using them when we were supposed to with very limited parking."



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if people used the T more

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if people used the T more (yes it sucks, I know) they wouldn't need gas whoring cars that need shoveling. Unless you are on the Green line, I think the T is more efficient in snow than driving single lane down Rt. 9 (or whereever).

chances are if you are parking on the street you are near a T bus or subway.

Still need to shovel...

... and it's more work shoveling the sidewalks due to the snowmountain the plows put up. My neighbor was unable to shovel his front sidewalk because the plows pushed a 6' line of snow against his 5' retaining wall. I had a 4' wall of snow against my 2.5' retaining wall, and that left a tunnel with walls taller than my 5-year-old.

Cars aren't the only reason for shoveling.

Can't rely on the T, especialy during storms

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That's been proven out. And I'm not relying on a cabbie, that's for damn sure.
I take the T to work daily but I didn't on the Friday before the blizzard and I did so reluctantly on Monday.

I'll be keeping my car, thanks.

I would like to agree

I'd really like to agree with you that people should take the T. The city should be promoting the T as the best way of getting around during a storm and put resources towards plowing/shoveling T stations before almost anywhere else. The T should have "snow response" plan that puts people and equipment into place to deal with predictable snow storms.

Only that's not what happens. What we see is the T acting like the guard dog who hides under the bed when a stranger comes around. The T entirely shut down for almost three days during the storm last week. On station bulletins they warn their "Winter Weather" response is to cut services. As we saw last week, they'll go as far as discouraging people from riding the T unless they absolutely must.

It's frustrating as the T should be part of the solution to dealing with parking and commuting yet all they do is encourage people to drive instead. Yes, the T is old and underfunded and can barely operate reliably when it's sunny and warm out. But that's a stupid reason to excuse them for failing to prepare and manage something as predictable as a snow storm.


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The city could help solve a lot of problems by doing a better job of snow removal than they do in the wake of big winter storms/blizzards like this. It almost seems as if they want people to fight with each other over parking spaces!

Or better yet...

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Ban this asinine space saver ritual altogether. It's going to take someone getting shot or put in the hospital for things to change though I'm afraid.

Because the only thing your

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Because the only thing your shoveling entitles you to is to drive away in your car. That's it, that's all. Don't want to lose your spot? Don't drive. The mayor also has an obvious problem with speaking the English language, too. Does that mean we should all sound like idiots? (Not saying anything about his job performance. I just wish he didn't sound like an idiot.)