There'll be no repeat of New Zealand in Quincy

Coke limit in Quincy

Justin Michaels spotted these Coke quota signs at the Quincy Shaw's today, wonders if it has anything to do with that New Zealand woman's Coke-linked death or if it's just because they have some sort of sale going on.



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It's probably to stop small retailers from buying so much

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On stuff like Coke and Pepsi, cash prices are always cheaper than having the vendor deliver soft drinks to you. Small business save money by just going to Shaw's/BJs/Costco and buying it there themselves.

At my previous job, we had Coke come in and bring us several cases of soda. It averaged out to be like 10 bucks a case. (yes its that expensive) BUT I know I can go to BJ's wholesale club and buy a cube of 36 cans for 4.99.

Why is it so much cheaper? Because the Cash and Volume that retailers get on soft drinks they end up getting super-cheap special deals from the vendor.

(AND Soft Drink Vendors (Coke and Pepsi) will not price match a retailer because they will lose money on the deal)

This also explains why if you've ever worked at a company with a big contract with coke (think a University or a very large company with tons of soda machines) AND canned soda is so cheap.

At my last job we had three machines. Coke said we had two options. Either they could service and stock the machine, or we could buy the machine and stock it ourselves.

There's a big Price difference between the two... It cost us 80 cents a can to have coke come stock it for us, (and we charged 75, so we ate a a nickle off each can to pass the savings off to our employees)

However if we did it ourselves, each can was 45 cents, and we could lower the price per can to 45 cents (so it was a wash in cost) HOWEVER since Coke did not service the machine (we owned it), we paid a month service charge for a 'warranty' on the machine.

At one point we went the next step and bought a non-branded machine (that didn't say Coke or Pepsi on it) so we could stock competitors drinks in the same machine. (you can't do this if they service the machine, its against your contract.. this also explains why when you see Coke and Pepsi in the same machine, you can bet that the machine is privately owned and not by the soft drink vendor).

When we did this we could drop the price per can to 30 cents a can (yes it can be that cheap when you're buying cubes @ Costco or BJs)

But I digress. I think the main point of this sign is to discourage business from going into Shaw's and buying large amounts for their business (a lot of mom and pop stores do this since they sell so little, it isn't cost effective to have the vendor come and delivery it)

For those with less time: I

For those with less time:

I think the main point of this sign is to discourage business from going into Shaw's and buying large amounts for their business (a lot of mom and pop stores do this...)

What I wonder

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Why is the price of a 2 liter bottle of soda and a 1 liter bottle of soda almost the same in a supermarket? Maybe a twenty cents or so difference, and sometimes when the 2 liter is on sale the price is exactly the same. I frequently buy a 1 liter bottle because I don't drink that much soda, and because it is easier for me to carry home on the bus with other groceries. But I feel silly buying the smaller one when the larger one is basically the same price.

Its even worse with many

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Its even worse with many other beverages.

Instead of the whole price, look at the per ounce price.

For Tropicana, the smaller 59oz jugs are ALWAYS cheaper than the gallon ones.

Same with Gatorade. The 32oz bottles are always cheaper than getting the larger gallons.

People assume larger = cheaper because of bulk savings.....but companies flip it over. They know people buy big because the person thinks theyre saving, so the jack up the price.

Hey now..

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I buy around 10 at a time. However, I also only grocery shop once every two weeks so about a bottle a day. (yup I know I'm heavily addicted to Diet Coke)

Call me crazy

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but I get 3 liter generic coke from Dollar Tree for a buck. Taste fine to me and in mixed drinks you can't tell the difference.


in mixed drinks you can't tell the difference.

That's what I tell my kids when they want Tropicana fresh squeezed instead of FCOJ - you won't know the difference once the vodka is added.

Now if there was only a way to do the same for Cheerios vs. generic oatmeal zeroes.