Man shot to death in Mattapan; one suspect arrested, two sought

UPDATE: Second suspect arrested.

UPDATE: Police identify the victim as Rayshawn Lamont Few, 27.

Boston Police report finding a man with multiple gunshot wounds at 24 Woodruff Way around 2:35 a.m. today. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

As officers were responding to the scene, they saw a brown car fleeing the area at a "noteworthy" rate of speed, police say. The driver ignored blue lights and sirens until Donwood Terrace and Ridgeview Avenue, where the car stopped and three men got out and ran away, police say.

Officers managed to chase down Osmell Odena, 22, who was arrested on a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition for the loaded gun they found between the car and where he was stopped, police say. The search for the other two suspects continues.

The victim, unidentified by police, is Boston's fourth murder victim this year.

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Using the new 'Menino System', I give the cops an A+ for chasing the suspends, but failing to apprehend all three.

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Exactly and finding the one

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Exactly and finding the one who probably was at the wrong place and wrong time who has nothing to do with the murder I know him personally and he would NEVER hurt anyone !

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he wouldnt hurt anyone huh?

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he wouldnt hurt anyone huh? .... Why was all three suspects carrying a gun? oh yeah i forget you said not to harm anyone.

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guns are killing machines

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I think maybe universal criminal background checks and a federal law that makes interstate gun trafficking illegal could help. Lets also take the legal restrictions off AFT oversight of gun dealers and wholesalers. Then we can repeal stand your ground (shoot first) gun laws in 27 states.

A gun in the home makes you 47 times more like to die from gun homicide per NE Journal of Medicine.

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Osmell odena

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There is NOway this kid killed that boy I know him well he is a good kid.. Sucks that he hangs out with the wrong people...

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