The Globe gets the exclusive: People are turning to the Internet for cat videos

It's no longer creepy and pathetic to be obsessed with your cat.

Next week, an exclusive look at that Gangnam Style craze sweeping the nation.



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Will they opine on Bloomers

You know, those newfangled pantaloons for hussies and strumpets who abandon their children to protest for suffrage and ride bicycles!


They will get to the bottom of the whole Harlem Shake thing by 2020, I'm sure!

That is so weird.

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There's quite an interest in dogs, too. You should see what's up with THAT.


Maybe they can do a followup

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Maybe they can do a followup article on I hear that is hip with the kids these days. Oh, and something about "All your base"?? I am not sure what it is, but I just love the new cutting animation in the music video.

//This is why I don't pay for the Globe

Damn you

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Back in the day, I'd sometimes put Zombocom on as background to get through large amounts of mindless work.

And now I have it playing again in background as I type this. "Welcome to you who have come to Zombocom!" Oh, Zombocom, I wish I knew how to quit you!

and the porn

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I am surprised the Globe has not done a story about how some people have taken to uploading indecent materials to web sites and how there are some web sites that show people in various states of undress! In all seriousness, there is probably a funny pie chart graphic illustrating the "value" of the internet as being something like 99% porn with the rest equally split between cats and social media.