John Connolly could run for mayor this year

The Globe reports the at-large councilor would make education a key part of his campaign. So far only one-time city-council candidate Will Dorcena has formally announced a run for the seat held for an entire generation by Tom Menino.



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There is a fourth apparently

The Dorchester Reporter's Lit Drop reminds us there is a fourth announced candidate:

EDIT: Oh, maybe he hasn't "formally" announced. My bad.

And, I wonder; the Future Boston people said last year or early this year that they had a "dark horse candidate" who would announce mid-February. I wouldn't consider Connolly to be a dark horse by any means, so is there still someone else considering?

(Interestingly, Greg Selkoe, the guy behind Future Boston, and his wife both gave the maximum $500 contribution to the Connolly For Boston fund.)

not impressed

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I haven't been impressed by John Connolly. At the same time, I admit I'm not familiar with his work. I pay attention.

What I know is that John Connolly once found out that BPS was stocking and buying food past expiration date. I know he's worked the new school assignment system.

I saw him once on Neighborhood Network News complaining about the teachers contract but not making the case for how an alternative outcome would improve things for students.

Tell me what you know about Connolly and the other candidates.

I can tell you about one candidate

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He's old, in poor health, and is apparently blameless for all the multiple failures of his decades long leadership of Boston.

When you've been mayor for 5 terms, you don't get to blame the problems with the school system on someone else. Every kid in the BPS was born during Menino's time in office- he's had time to fix this.

Am impressed

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I've followed Connolly and he has been one of the few elected leaders willing to buck the mayor and challenge his appointees, in other words one of the few willing to actually exercise independent decision making, which is what he was elected for. He has called things as he sees them with the schools - multiple examples of poor management from the simple (poorly managing food stocks) to the serious (failing to address criminality of senior school leaders). And he gets the cities number one problem - that the schools are THE reason so many talented engaged families leave Boston.

Why would you headline your

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Why would you headline your comment as "not impressed" and then admit that you are not familiar with his work. That seems unfair to judge anyone and ignorant on your part.