Can city agencies get tickets for not shoveling?

12 Channel St.

A roving UHub photographer forwards this picture, taken around 4:40 p.m. yesterday, of the handicap parking spaces outside 12 Channel St., an Innovation District building owned by the BRA and EDIC.

They haven't plowed their handicap spaces since the blizzard.



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I'd imagine they could and

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I'd imagine they could and should be fined. But wouldn't that basically be the same as the city paying itself?


the City owns it,
the BRC runs it,
the state manages it,
the County assesses fees on it,
the Park Service patrols it,
the State Police works details on it,
the Boston Police investigates crimes if those crimes occur on it,
the EDIC finances it....

and someone forgot to plow it.

The State does the same thing

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Ever see the sidewalks on the overpasses across the Pike? They're frequently unshoveled, except for a narrow, beaten-down, single-file passage up against the fence.

Specifically, I've noticed this on the ones right next to the Hynes T stop and by the BU bridge.

Will follow through

To my pleasant surprise, I turned in, a.k.a. reported, two city sites on Mirabile dictu, they fixed them.

The Hyde Park municipal building had ignored the whole eastern block along River Street. The sidewalk normally used by kids coming from school, home or the Y, parents with strollers heading toward Cleary Square, and oldsters. Even the crosswalk entrance was piled 3 to 4 feet in snow and ice.

Around the corner on Fairmount, the fire station had a thoroughly clear driveway for the trucks and firefighters' cars. On either abutting side, the sidewalks that pedestrians and the couple of neighborhood guys who use motorized wheelchairs were untouched and impassable.

The next morning when I went there again, both had been cleared.

ADA be damned

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I bet this would not qualify as an "A+" job for snow removal under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Boston's ability to clear snow more than a week after a major storm is a joke.


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the city seems to already be content with losing renevue considering half the parking meter spots downtown look like they are prepped for SUV advertisements

I don't mind snow in bike

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I don't mind snow in bike lanes that much -- I just check over my shoulder and merge left.

But sidewalk bike paths are totally useless for their entire length once a single piece is blocked by snow.

I was biking on main roads a few hours after the big storm. Some sidewalk paths still aren't cleared.

That's one of several reasons why I think sidewalk paths are a terrible idea, especially when they replace a bike lane or otherwise reduce general road width.

Someone should shovel part of

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Someone should shovel part of it and put some trash there. Then that person would own the spot forever! Because it's hows things have always been done! And you can "legally" have your tires slashed if you park there so tough shit, Grandma! Should have shoveled that spot yourself.