Apartments by the El

Apartments by the El in Boston.

When and where was this photo taken? See it larger. From the folks at the Boston City Archives, of course.



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    Definitely Charlestown

    There were TWO Oak Streets along the route of the El -- one in South Cove; one in Charlestown. The presence of wooden buildings makes it clear this one is in Charlestown, since wooden buildings of this size and date weren't allowed in the South Cove area.

    Additionally, when the El came out of its portal -- near where Tufts Medical Center is today -- it was about 1/2 block east of Washington Street. The El crossed Oak Street while it was still on an incline, resulting in very low clearance for vehicles on Oak Street. At that point it was in a private right of way parallel to, and east of Washington. It didn't come over Washington until it got to the railroad tracks, where the Mass. Turnpike is today.

    Maybe the 60s from the clothing?

    Nothing in the picture is there today, other than the streets themselves. Here's Google Streetview:

    i think the charlestown

    i think the charlestown guessers are right....

    the kid on the bicycle in the right side of the image is riding NE on Mead Street, just beyond him is an open lot, a billboard, and a brick building facing Main Street that are all now Edwards Playground, and the townhouses in the farthest background are on Eden Street and are still standing