So you think you can shriek?

Audition line along Washington Street

Kelly reports from Downtown Crossing this morning:

Line of shrieking teens all down Washington St in DTX for So You Think You Can Dance auditions.



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I had to walk through this mob of clowns on my way to work. They didn't seem to understand "excuse me!" very well.


That's the most people I've seen in Downtown Crossing in years!

Marriot most likely. They

Marriot most likely. They hold a good amount of auditions there, American idol has been there, as have many off-broadway auditions.

Which Marriott?

Custom House, Long Wharf, or Copley Place? The location shown in this photo (Washington St. in front of Lafayette Place) is not especially close to any of these.

Probably means the Hyatt

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Probably means the Hyatt (once known as the Lafayette Hotel). That would make sense, it's right there.

time IS money

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-post redacted, i thought this was about the free burgers being handed out in DTX-