Death to potholes, city vows

The city's crack Pothole Patrol Crew will swarm the South End today, taking names but no prisoners as it fills in winter potholes like nobody's business.



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It seems like they'd do a much better job of addressing potholes if they'd finish clearing the snow and ice off the streets first. Many city streets are still not cleared to the curbs, nearly 2 weeks after the big snowfall.

they just cleared it! last

they just cleared it! last night or early this morning, thank god. I have to assume the business owners there are pissed, it basically halves the amount of parking in the neighborhood for a couple weeks.

In other words

In other words, just a typical Boston winter, right?

That's OK, I'm sure that the only sidewalks that have been left uncleared are those abutting private residences and businesses, and their owners can be fined until they clean them up. Surely a "world class city" such as ours wouldn't leave bridges, overpasses and other public ways unshoveled when it's the city or state's responsibility to clean them up, right? Right?

Ha ha, I slay me.