Most prescient headline of the month

This week's Phoenix carries an article headlined:

Fresh Blood: Meet Boston's new culinary muscle

It features a photo and bio of Doug Rodrigues, executive chef at Clio, strike that, the now former executive chef at Clio, who was fired for stabbing a man at a Back Bay bar last weekend - accidentally, he says. His alleged victim lost so much blood a bystander used his belt as a tourniquet.



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Phoenix/Stuff has lost its way

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Stuff at Night and the old Phoenix had little in common besides event listings and paper delivery routes. Stuff at Night was hedonistic: get fed, get drunk, get laid. Maybe we're not the 1%, but we're the 25%, and we'll live it up like the 10%. Phoenix was anything but hedonistic: we are the 99%, and we like good music.

The resulting combination is awkward. There's a full color spread on Boston boutique clothing stores, followed immediately by a Chris Faraone screed on those awful New York police. Almost every article is identifiable as coming from one camp or the other. Stories that try to combine the two papers' styles came out weird, or even gross, hence the two covers in a month with a chef holding a dead animal.

You can't blame the editors for having their cover model go all stabby after the issue went to press. But if they weren't trying so hard to make this goofy relationship work, and to make it work by chasing such silly stories...


I agree about the Phoenix. It

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I agree about the Phoenix. It was always the pub I would look for when I was in a cafe or public space when I wanted something to read. I'm not sure it's even a mix of the two, it feels more like Stuff at Night than it does the Phoenix. It's kind of a shame.

I feel sorry for the chef, but we don't know if there were more reasons for his firing. The stabbing was an accident. It was foolish, but still an accident. I'm not sure he should have lost his job, and potentially damaged his career over what happened.


Why does Phoenix/Stuff still exist?

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The once-innovative Phoenix lost it's way somewhere in the 1980s and has never recovered. The merger with Stuff is just one more nail in the coffin of a publication that should have ceased a long, long time ago.

The Big Hurt is so stupid.

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I don't understand why David Thorpe spends so much effort writing about Justin Bieber. I wish they would let Scott Kearnan do a music column. He has humor and wit.