Apparently getting in the Track every week no longer enough for Ernie Boch, Jr.

The Boston Business Journal reports the car dealer is looking at putting in a bid for the Globe.



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Look due north

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Herb Chambers is going into Channel 56 right next to the Globe.

This could be the start of something us carbon based life forms just can't comprehend.

Oh, Nooooooooooooooooooo!

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Can't he just be content playing with the boy band he purchased and creating those just plain disconcerting cartoon commericals along with running his "music moves him" organization?

Ernie Boch and Bruce Mittman?

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There's a pair that beats a full house any day. I mean, between Bruce Mittman, Ernie Boch and Brian McGrory, I see journalistic history being made!

What's next, will the Andelmans put in a bid?

on the radio

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This is not Boch's first venture into media. People may remember he bought out 2 weeks of air time on 1430 WXKS-AM before it became Mia quatorce trenta (with current calls WKOX-AM). It was billed as Automatic Radio, promoting the new CD from Boch's rock band, as if Boston really needed a radio station dedicated to his music.