Irresistible force vs. immovable object, Boston space-saver edition

Get rid of this space saver

Compare this note left on a space saver, captured by Stephanie-Marie in Roslindale today, with this note, left on somebody's car whose driver dared to move a space saver in South Boston yesterday.



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Must be

A pre storm parking space saver. It's Boston, who ever said parking was fair. Unless this parking space saver is right in front of the letter writers house they should mind their own business.

A "pre-storm" parking saver?

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A "pre-storm" parking saver? Oh hell no. I thought the argument for having space savers at all was "Waaah, I spent an hour shoveling out my spot, I've earned it this spot with my blood, sweat and tears"...No, bullshit, you don't get to "pre-save" a spot before a storm.

Is this performance art?

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Seriously, I can't imagine any reason to support this kind of behavior two weeks post storm.

You Shovel It You Own I!, and

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You Shovel It You Own I!, and do not dare move my space saver. This is a unwritten street rule, and so is cutting your tire if you park it my spot!!

New unwritten street rule

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Fight fire with fire.

If you see someone trying to use a space saver to save a space, wait until they return and then slash their tires.

Or, if you're bigger and stronger than they are, just smash their face in with a shovel.

If we're going to live by the law of the jungle, let's fully embrace it.

Mind their own business

If there is a common pool of parking that is owned by the public, then somebody asking their neighbor to stop claiming that publicly owned public resource as their own personal property just because it snowed or is going to snow is minding their own business. The commons are the commons, not the "property" of people who think they are special and can't be expected to share something they do not own.

BTW, is there a public park in your neighborhood? My dog needs a place to run and poop, even in winter. I don't want to pay for a house with a yard, so I'm going to fence off some of the park - just this little patch - and not allow anybody else in there. I shoveled it out so my dog can play. No snow left? Well then, I'm pre-saving it for my own needs. Oh, and you can't say anything, even though it is a public park because my dog needs his own yard and he was born here, even if I don't own a yard for him. Mind your own business.


On the one hand, I hate the

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On the one hand, I hate the space saving attention whoring. On the other hand, I hate people that leave notes.

Ah, but Roslindale

Ah, but Roslindale note-writers are a better class of people than South Boston note-writers. And remember busing, too.


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Rozzy good, Southie bad. Message received.