Suffolk student learns that unless your father's the commissioner, police aren't going to care who your parent is

Police report a Suffolk University student was arrested on assault and battery charges early this morning when she allegedly slammed her door on the shoulder of an officer investigating a loud party in her apartment.

Police say officers responding to loud-party complaints at an apartment at 28 Fleet St. in the North End knocked on the apartment door for 20 minutes without an answer:

After twenty minutes, the door suddenly opened and a female suspect yelled an obscenity at the officers before slamming the door shut on an officer's shoulder. After slamming the door on the officer's shoulder, the suspect attempted to flee the apartment. At one point, the suspect was heard to say, "I'm out of here, I'm a proud American." After a brief struggle, officers were able to subdue and apprehend the suspect. The suspect also stated that she wanted the officers to know her mother was an attorney.

Officers then found 25 people, some hiding in the apartment, some of whom told police that:

The suspect instructed them to shut the lights off and not to open the door. Moreover, party-goers state that the suspect physically blocked the door so no one could leave the apartment.

Dominque Demar, 21, of Colchester, CT, was charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (door) and resisting arrest.

Innocent, etc.



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How do people get this way?

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People are not simply born asshats. How do they get this way? I mean SERIOUSLY, HOW do people get this way?

By being raised by parents

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By being raised by parents who didn't give them a good boot up the ass when the deserved it.


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I have little sympathy for my neighbors keeping us all up at night, but isn't there the issue of warrant less entry here? The girl is entitled to close the door and not allow entry. How did the cop's shoulder get in the swing of the door if he hadn't entered? How about the entry where they discovered the 25 others? Once she was subdued, they should have left, not gone snooping around to other rooms.

Haven't you heard of probable

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Haven't you heard of probable cause. The police didn't randomly go to an apartment. They got a call, showed up to a house and entered under the probable idea that underage drinking was taking place. We have all been to a party and I don't fault this girl for being there, she is after all legal drinking age, but acting the way she did shows her immaturity and recklessness. I hope that they don't try to make an example of her and treat her fairly.

Re: Warrant?

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Agreed. What was his shoulder doing inside the residence?

It sounds as if the girl in question acted badly.

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The fact that somebody called the police to complain about an overly loud, noisy party from this particular girl's apartment indicates that things were really getting out of hand. The fact that she shut the door on the shoulder of the Police Officer who was responding to the call, after having instructed her visitors not to open the door and to keep quiet. The girl and her friends deserved to get into trouble with the cops for not cooperating, and the girl in question deserved to be arrested for assault and for resisting arrest. No sympathy for her and her friends here.

You were there?

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You were there? Or are you accepting a journalist's take on the police department's public information office's take on the arresting officer's take as gospel?

My God

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This city is INFESTED with entitled 'kids' like her. They literally act like they're royalty of some kind.

what ever happened to responsible journalism??

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The only part worse than this inaccurate 'reporting' are the uneducated negative respondents. It is embarrassing that our fundamental rights as US citizens are used to hide behind keyboards while spewing rants about behavior of people and situations you know nothing about. This is a 21 year old you don't know. And a situation misrepresented that you don't know about either.

OK, so what are the facts?

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My post was based on a statement from Boston Police. I realize there is usually more than one side to a story, so I'm all ears.

You are obviously her friend

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You are obviously her friend and trying to defend her, and that is great. I think the deadly weapon charge is absurd, what type of deadly harm can a door cause. But she must be held accountable for her actions.