Young, poor gay man from East Boston makes bid for city council

Francisco White, a youth organizer from East Boston, says he's running for one of the four at-large seats on the city council in this fall's election.

He joins Seamus Whelan and Michelle Wu as newcomers in the race for at-large seats. Of the four incumbents, only John Connolly looks like he might not run - because he may run for mayor instead.

White, 26, is Young Civic Leaders Coordinator for MassVOTE and says he is openly gay. In a statement, he says:

I am someone who has always believed that government works, but only if everyone truly has a voice. I have no delusion of being middle class, I am not Ivy League educated, and my story is not like those who are typically elected to public office. I live, like so many people, at the margin. My reason for running is my desire to take Boston beyond its reputation as a progressive city, to work toward necessary progress that is inclusive of the marginalized. Moreover, my reason for running is to empower poor people, students, minorities, and LGBTQ individuals to take their seats at the table and have input in the decisions that affect us. Boston is much more than its middle class.

  • White Web site, which allows comments, one of which is from Boston's biggest fan of open stenographic records.



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I'm familiar

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I'm familiar with LGBT, but what is the "Q" in LGBTQ?

Can't we have a candidate

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Can't we have a candidate which has worked for a living outside of being a affiliated government sector wonk?

Sooo... Is he saying

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1) I have absolutely no experience
2) I Have no formal education
3) I have no professional work experience

But Vote for me because i am GAY, that seem some what discriminatory.

Reverse discrimination is discrimination.


vote for me

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So I can get $87500 a year for sitting in a comfy chair, doing absolutely nothing. Pretty sweet gig, if you ask me.

He didn't say he was not formally educated!

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He did say, "I am not Ivy League educated."

He is the "Young Civic Leaders Coordinator for MassVOTE." Is that absolutely no experience?

He is openly gay and wants to better the situation of other marginalized groups. A seat at the table. To be more inclusive, representative. Are you mocking that goal? He's not saying vote for me because I am gay. In fact, a Boston voter who believes as you do would vote against him.

BTW, there is no reverse discrimination. There is only discrimination. And there are those that deny that exists.

Stephen of Boston, MA I vote in Ward 9 Precinct 2