Trolley and car collide along Comm. Ave.

Trolley collision

Collision. Photo copyright Scott Eisen. More photos.

An outbound Green Line trolley hit a car around 8:10 p.m. at Comm. Ave. and Pleasant Street.

B Line service was halted; Comm. Ave. outbound was shut. An MBTA spokesman said the cause of the "minor accident" remains under investigation. One of the two people in the car complained of back pain.



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No. Nonononono.

This is by far the easiest way to get from Cambridge to Brookline via the BU Bridge. Oddly enough it's also a more pedestrian and bike friendly crossing than the two intersections on either side. PLEASE don't let it get flagged as a trouble spot and "fixed" with turn arrows. Long live the yield!


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What's wrong with going straight onto Essex and turning on Dummer? Or turning left on St Paul?

Maybe they can come up with a sign that says "No left turn unless you know how to yield to a trolley, else use the U-turn at Babcock Street." ;)

Fastest, then

Essex/Dummer is less daunting perhaps, but guarantees you two stop signs minimum depending on where you're headed. St. Paul is often backed up at the red arrow, even off peak hours. With Pleasant you at least have the chance to catch it just right, then only one stop light and you're at Beacon Street. Alas, whenever they re-do this section of Comm., Pleasant is probably getting a full signal anyway.

"back pain"

I get the feeling someone may be looking to pull a fast one on the MBTA...


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"One of the two people in the car complained of back pain." ...

"Until consulting with an attorney, at which point it became back pain, whiplash, hernia and mesothelioma"

After the operator was found

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After the operator was found to be at-fault in a contact motor vehicle accident, the back pain mysteriously resolved itself, and Barry Feinstein suddenly stopped taking their calls.