Race is on: Connolly announces bid for mayor

At-large City Councilor John Connolly will formally announce he's running for mayor this morning - at 11 a.m. outside Brighton High School.

The location signals that Connolly, chairman of the council's education committee, will make education the center of his race, in particular, school choice and raising the quality of city schools.

A West Roxbury resident, Connolly, 39, has been on the council since 2007. As an at-large councilor, he has shown he can attract votes across the city, although that didn't much help the last person to challenge Menino - at-large Councilor Michael Flaherty.

Incumbent Tom Menino has yet to formally say whether he's running for a sixth term. Charles Clemens and Will Dorcena have said they are running.

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The tyranny of lawyers

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Why are they the only people we seem to elect? It's not supposed to be this way.


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People who work in the private sector and can afford to take a pay cut to run for office are vilified. Why would someone like a Jack Welch want to get into politics after seeing what has been done to other high-profile, successful people who attempt to run for office?


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There are tons of private sector lawyers. Why do lawyers run for public office as a lawmaker? Jeez, I wonder why?

Menino isn't a lawyer.

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Menino isn't a lawyer. Connolly is one of the only lawyers on the City Council (along with Mike Ross, that's it I think). Try again.

Its not supposed to be this way?

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You think it is better to have law makers that don't have a legal education? Do you still go to the barber for surgery or a blacksmith to work on your car?

Councilor Connolly and open government principles.

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A Boston City Councilor, John Connolly continues to block access to the plain English stenographic record of the public meetings of Boston City Council for folks with hearing loss, for seniors, for all. More complete than minutes, the stenographic record of the public meetings of Boston City Council is budgeted for with public funds. The stenographic technology features Captioning that isn't used on webcasts/cablecasts of the public meetings of the City Council.


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I don't know if Connolly has the right solutions to fix the issues the city has, but democracy withers without robust competition. Menino has done some good things and failed badly on others - he deserves to have the opportunity to earn reelection through defending his record instead of just walking into another term.

I'm guessing this means Menino is NOT running...

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I can't see Connolly throwing his hat into the ring without Menino's blessing on the QT...Connolly does not want to be Flaherty 2.0 (and I voted for Flaherty)...expecting Menino's announcement within days.

Education is a good start.

I hope he realizes there are also other issues in the city. All I saw on his website was education, education, education, with a side of, education and family. If that's what he's good at, and it's his primary focus, then he may not make the best mayor for the city.

Makes me wonder

What ever happened to this talk of making rubber sidewalks? Anyone remember that idea?

Very good question

But I think he's got a fair chance of winning, so my vote won't be wasted on a long-shot (like Kevin McCrea or somebody like that). I think in the end it will come down to Connolly versus Menino. And needless to say, although I think he was probably one of Boston's best mayors, I've had enough of Menino and his complacent hackocracy.
If Dorcena or somebody else ends up in the final election, they'll get my vote as well.
When's the deadline to pull papers, anyway? Is anybody else with some degree of name recognition (i.e. a viable candidate) contemplating a run?

interesting criteria

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Vote for who you think will win not for who you think would do the best job.

Menino v. Connolly

I've met both on a number of occasions, and think they are both good men, but at this point, I need more from Connolly than his personal BPS crusade. He needs to flesh out his position on a host of other issues before I'll give him much of a look. I'm sure he will do so, but without that step, I can't really consider him as a serious candidate, where as Menino, obviously, is a serious candidate from day one.

tips for candidates

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earnest != whiny

What is it about expressing your vision of what a city/state/country should be like or what the role of govt is causes people to adopt a tone of voice that sounds like a 13 year old whining about having to be home by 10:00pm?

Remove incumbents that fail advocating a more open City Council

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