Citizen complaint of the day: This space saver is no Aretha Franklin

Show some respect

A fed-up citizen grouses that three weeks after the blizzard, this space saver on East Cottage Street in Dorchester needs some D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T.



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So much fail

I always hate space savers but this one is particularly upsetting, and VERY MUCH overstaying its welcome.

Just set it on fire

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That'll teach the owner, and it'll leave the space-saver as a remnant so no one unwittingly parks in the spot and gets his/her tires slashed.

YUP! still quite a few

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still quite a few holdouts in the neighborhood but that particular space saver is now gone.

Still saving spots in Dorchester

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The people on my street are still saving spots. Its ridiculous. I live in a neighborhood of triple deckers, so its not like the spot in front of your house can be your own. And there is generally enough parking, but only if people don't claim spots 24/7. The cars that are gone at night need somewhere to park during the day and vice versa. I have no spot since I have a garage about a block from my house. So, I have to walk from the garage with two small kids every time I go out. Regardless of whether or not I will only be home for an hour.

save it til spring ;)

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It kind of depends on the condition of the rest of the street and whether or not commuters use the neighborhood to avoid paying to park elsewhere. I have been chipping away at a pile of ice in front of my house now for 3 weeks. Nobody else has been able to park on the north-facing side of the street because the city never plowed anywhere near the sidewalk and beyond the spaces I've cleared, it is still 6-8 feet out from the curb and 4 feet high. I'm not using space savers, but we have resident parking stickers so it hasn't been an issue. But I see plenty of spaces in Roslindale where it is still one space at a time with piles of ice separating the spaces in residential neighborhoods in front of single family or 2-family homes. There is nothing more aggravating that dropping the kids off at school and coming home to park the car and catch the T only to find nowhere to park because a commuter slipped in while you were gone.

Put a big note on any

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Put a big note on any remaining savers, saying:

"This space reserved for a selfish jagazz."