What's in the water in Jamaica Plain? Dog owners, that's what

Late this afternoon, Boston firefighters and EMTs rushed to the Jamaica Pond boathouse, off of which a man took a plunge into the ice-covered water after his dog did likewise, a day after a woman and her dog had to be rescued from the icy depths. Both man and beast got themselves out and left the scene before emergency responders could ask any embarrassing questions.



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    And because this dog owner might not know...

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    Beecher Street Dog Park


    Where one can let your dog run off-leash to its little heart's content.

    Also, to brush up on the city's leash law:


    It never ceases to amaze me how certain dog owner's just plain choose to ignore leash laws. Sad, really, as it sounds like this dog likes to chase things and really should be on a leash for its own safety (and, it appears, the safety of his owner!)

    Also, drowning is bad

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    That pond is way more dangerous than people give it credit for - it's hella deep with creepy currents, especially toward the middle. If you have something that you'd like to continue to live you should work to ensure it doesn't end up in that pond.

    Another dog "slipped" its leash ?!?!?

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    Good Lord, are the dogs going to rise up against us? They're getting smarter.

    Oh wait, no owners are just getting more douchey, if that's possible.

    Glad everyone's OK but come on, control your dog- it's the law and common sense.