WBZ-AM, WBUR to get some competition

Clear Channel's WXKS, 1200 AM, turns into Bloomberg Radio on Friday.

In addition to national and international financial news, Bloomberg Radio says it will provide "local news, traffic, weather and sports."




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If WGBH-FM Made Only A Dent...

If WGBH-FM, a 98,000-watt grandfathered super-powered FM station made only as relatively minor dent in WBUR's numbers, how much will the 50,000-watt AM station with the least sizable footprint in town (directional antenna; minimum height towers so as not to provide visual pollution to the Oak Hill neighborhood in Newton)impact it? And who will notice that this change has occurred? It's an anomaly of the radio business in general that it's an advertising medium itself, but rarely uses other media to advertise its very existence, much less format changes. One of the main ways radio outlets advertise is on the back ends of buses, thus connecting their call letters with vehicular exhaust. (The most frequent advertiser on the backs of buses is WMJX-FM, and vehicular exhause is extremely appropriate for promoting what they emit).

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Let's see.... WBUR and WGBH -

Let's see.... WBUR and WGBH - essentially the same station, providing the same product. Versus Bloomberg, providing, you know, not public radio. You can't imagine there's a niche there? As to your personal opinion of WMJX, I suppose you imagine the radio industry particularly cares what you think.

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Visual pollution?

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LOL ... NIMBYism at it's finest.

I'll have to remember 'Visual Pollution'. It'll come in handy.

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This has been tried before

We had a station in Concord, WBNW-1120, which carried mostly Bloomberg programming. I don't think it's still on the air.

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What about Andy Williams?

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Is XKS AM still running the old WJIB mixed with Connie Francis and Perry Como format? What the hell will the women in Everett City hall listen to on their single speaker transistor radios now? First WODS, now this!?!

On another note there is an Evolution 101.7 billboard along I-195 in Fall River. Let's hear it for the rocket scientists running radio in Boston; a billboard for a station in Lynn that you can't pick up beyond Holbrook advertising in a market which you can't pick up the station and a market which has the purchasing power of rural Moldova. No wonder BCN died.


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you're thinking of 740

the WJIB programming you speak of runs on 740...or at least it did the last time I was driving around with an AM radio on.

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The comedy station at 1200 is one of my three presets along with 88.9 and 90.9. Now what am I supposed to listen to when there is acapella on 88.9 and a church service on 90.9?

Damn it, can't the Boston market support one tiny station playing comedy?

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