Man struck and killed by SUV in South Boston

Updated Thursday morning.

The Dorchester Reporter reports prominent Boston lawyer William McDermott was struck and killed by an SUV as he tried to walk across Day Boulevard at L Street in South Boston Wednesday evening.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports McDermott was hit by a Ranger Rover driven by a 33-year-old South Boston man:

State Police responded to the scene at about 7:30 after the operator called 911; he remained at the scene and did not show signs of intoxication. The investigation will entail a reconstruction of the crash by the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section and a search for surveillance cameras and other evidence by detectives. No charges have been brought as of this morning but interviews are ongoing and the probe remains very active at this hour.



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    Obviously I don't know the

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    Obviously I don't know the details, but living in the area I can confirm the intersection is not an easy one to navigate for a pedestrian or a driver. There is button for the crossing signal but sometimes it doesn't work and other times people don't use it. Unfortunately, there is a slight curve in the road at both sides of Day Blvd so if you're trying to cross without a signal, you may think it's clear but the car is hidden around the bend.

    Add to that, last night it was pouring so it made visibility even worse. I think a stop sign would make that intersection safer than a crossing light.


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    This is the worst intersection in Southie. High speed traffic combined with a lot of people crossing the road near the bath house. Also the cars parked along the road make it very difficult to see pedestrians especially at night.

    I hate driving that road at

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    I hate driving that road at the night, the lighting in front of the bathhouse is horrible, you can't see people crossing and when it rains forgot about it.

    Yes, be inflammatory when

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    Yes, be inflammatory when people are respectfully discussing a bad situation. Cool.

    Are you the same person...

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    ...who claimed that it's inappropriate to talk about gun control after Sandy Hook?

    It is not inflammatory to talk about a way to save lives. It is immoral to try and hush it up like you are doing.

    People keep dying. There is a solution, as that anon stated, it is to slow down. You may not like to hear that, but it is true.

    But South Bostonians love their cars ... to death. And so it goes. Until enough people speak up, what will change?

    South Bostonians love their cars

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    this dude's Rover may have been registered in Southie, but sorry to burst your bubble, he's not "from" Southie.
    As a matter of fact the last 3 people killed at this intersection, were mowed down by non-South Bostonians.

    How do you know he's not from

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    How do you know he's not from Southie? And either way, what difference does it make? If he lives there, he has the same vested interest in safe roads and intersections as someone who was born there. You think because he's a yuppie he doesn't care about killing a 66 year old man? If that's the line of logic we've resorted to, well then, that is just really unfortunate for everyone in the neighborhood.

    By the way, I don't meant to shake up any stereotypes but I know plenty of OFS that drive really nice cars. Much nicer than this "yuppie's" 8 year old Honda.

    So stop it.

    It is your duty

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    As the person in control of a giant steel machine to drive the speed which allows you to respond safely to potential hazards in the road. If the lighting is bad and you can't see, slow down. If there's rain, or glare, or snow that make it hard to see, slow down.

    It is the driver's responsibility, and the driver in this case failed to exercise that responsibility, and a human being died because of it.


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    Obviously he didn't slow down enough if he wasn't able to stop to avoid hitting a person crossing the road.
    And BTW, I'm female, and don't own a spandex suit. I ride in my everyday professional clothes.


    That's my intersection, and it's pretty scary at rush hour. I'm assuming Day Blvd is one of those "pleasure-driving parkways" like Storrow that have become de facto highways (or in this case, elongated off ramps from I-93). And then the traffic all turns onto L St, which is completely not designed to handle it..

    Yet it's all adjacent to an area heavily used by pedestrians, runners, etc.

    Day Blvd.

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    The gentleman who was struck and killed is the second person that I knew personally to die on that stretch of road. About thirty years ago, a young South Boston man was struck and killed by a hit and run driver (he was eventually caught)a short distance from this last tragedy.
    Today people are driving too fast. They are driving distracted by all sorts of devices that have no place being used while operating a motor vehicle. I don't have any personal knowledge of what caused this. Day Boulevard has turned into a drag strip. This goes on all hours of the day and night. L Street during commuting hours is very hazardous to anyone trying to cross to the opposite sidewalk. Speeding, running red lights and ignoring people in crosswalks are common place.
    Please read this and think twice about what you're doing when you are driving around.
    William McDermott, RIP
    Patrick Logan, RIP

    There's many more

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    who have been killed at this same exact intersection. Sad part is nobody wants to do anything about it. There probably is not another intersection in the State where more pedestrians have been run down.

    Drivers have no regard for

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    Drivers have no regard for pedestrians, especially during commuting hours. The flashing traffic lights at this intersection are useless. People don't stop or slow down. God Bless Mr. McDermott and his loved ones.

    It sounds like there's little to none, from the description.

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    Sorry to hear about those two deaths at the Day Blvd/L Street intersection. Without knowing either of them personally, much less residing in the area, my condolences go to the friends and families of both of the victims.

    If it's a faulty traffic control light, it's in the best interest of both the Southie community and the city at large to have it fixed so that it works properly, and to have better lighting at the L Street bathhouse, and to have stiffer penalties for drivers who violate the posted speed limits.

    Aw, man, I saw him yesterday

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    He appeared before the Boston Licensing Board on behalf of Jerry Remy's, to ask for a postponement on a hearing about extending the hours of its roof deck. One of his last professional acts.