One of our subway lines is missing

A reader of Charlie on the MBTA's discovers a fun fact: If you try to use's online trip planner for a Friday trip, it refuses to admit the Orange Line exists. Wha? Of course I had to try it for myself. I pretended I'd just moved to Malden and wanted to visit my cousin in Rox-beh-ree on Friday, Jan. 19, so I asked the trip planner how to get from Oak Grove to Roxbury Crossing. And here's what I got. Notice which subway line that connects Oak Grove and Roxbury Crossing is not mentioned?

$6?!? An outrage!

OK, how about from Central Square in Cambridge to Forest Hills? EZ: Take the Red Line to South Station, then catch commuter rail down to Forest Hills. Central Square to Oak Grove? The planner had me take three buses and then walk seven minutes to Oak Grove.

But wait, it gets even more fun! Try planning a Friday trip from Forest Hills to Central Square. I dare you! The best you can do for Forest Hills is "Forest Hills St and Washington St." But the planner won't even let you chose Central Square in Cambridge, instead limiting your choices to locations in places such as Bellingham and Burlington.

Also, try a starting time at, say, 11:30 p.m. - see just how long a trip time you can run up.




Longest Trip

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The longest I could create is Oak Grove to Riverside next Friday; 154 minutes. The best part is how it gets you to the Green Line at Government Center: via bus to Revere then via Blue Line.

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gee now I have an excuse to

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gee now I have an excuse to be late for work ( have to walk 16 minutes on Fridays )

Take Red Line - Ashmont Sta To South Station view route
Approx. 2:56 PM Depart from Harvard Station - Inbound
Approx. 3:11 PM Arrive at South Station - Outbound
Walk For 16 Mins. To Tufts Hospital
Walk a short distance NW on Summer St.
Walk straight on Albany St.
Walk approx. 1 block W on Albany St.
Walk straight on Lincoln St.
Walk a short distance SW on Lincoln St.
Turn left on Ramp.
Walk approx. 1 block S on Ramp.
Turn right on Beach St.
Walk approx. 1 block W on Beach St.
Turn left on Harrison Ave.
Walk approx. 1 block S on Harrison Ave.

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