He sees you when you're sleeping

He is everywhere, you know.
- Mayoral mouthpiece Dot Joyce explaining to the Herald why the Boston Redevelopment Authority's new newspaper features Mayor Menino on pretty much every page.

Boston City Communicator

Guess podcasting wasn't enough for Hizzona, because now we have our very own government newspaper, too ("funded by Boston banks"). I found my copy conveniently slipped into the Roslindale and West Roxbury Transcript this past week. Finally! A newspaper not afraid to tell us just how wonderful that 80-story skyscraper the mayor wants to build will be. And how wonderful is it that the city is supporting local newspapers by paying them to deliver the thing (even if said local papers are now owned by an out-of-state company)?

Ed. note to the Herald: Nice to see an almost critical quote in your story from John Tobin, but he's the city councilor from West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain, not Charlestown.

The Boston City Communicator brings some rare agreement between lefties and righties.

The Outraged Liberal harrumphs:

Tommy Menino really does like to stick his nose into everything except the day-to-day business of urban mechanic. I guess he's worried about a Finneran challenge to his sixth term.

To which Carpundit adds:

This is a cynical move and a horrible idea; governments should not publish newspapers - not in this country. Who's going to read the Boston City Communicator, anyway, other than the bloated lazy hacks who populate City Hall, and only to see if they're in it? ...

Oh, but wait, this isn't the first city newspaper. A few weeks ago, the kidlet brought home the latest copy of:

Boston Educator

And look who's right there front and center!



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