You can get theah from heah on the Orange Line again

The T has fixed that Friday Orange Line trip-planner glitch on, so now, when you tell it you want to get from Oak Square to Forest Hills on a Friday, it sends you on a direct, 33-minute Orange Line ride instead of a hellish two-hour trek involving four bus lines.

Caveat: You have to type "Forest Hills Station" into the planner. If you just stupidly type "Forest Hills," you'll get back a list of lots of Foresty, Hilly possibilities in JP and then, when you select "Forest Hills station," the thing spits back a list of places in Stoneham.



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      I think that the D line is

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      I think that the D line is out of whack now... because when I put in "Beaconsfield Station" as the starting location for ANY trip inbound, the trip planner tells me to walk down to the C line Dean Rd. stop.