Will it never end? Yet another Southie reality show set to air

Apparently, the Discovery Channel thinks America hasn't gotten enough of South Boston and is readying a series based on a book written by a former IRA gun runner and associate of murdering thug Whitey Bulger, only this time, a Southie crew will battle rivals from Roslindale and Dorchester for, oh, who the hell cares, it's going to suck.



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    LOL funny

    After we move, I'll be sure to TiVo this one....gotta keep in touch with what's going on in Rozzie!

    "The upstart Roslindale crew operates in a neighboring territory but is forced to pay Southie "rent" - a fee for operating - which has long been a source of tension. The "Rozzie" crew, wants to challenge Southie's power but knows there could be dire consequences..."

    I can't wait to see where the Rozzie crew hangs out and foments their upstart plan to dominate the city.

    It's the new trend in basic cable

    Monkey see, monkey do, even if it's not appropriate for the channel (like 99% of the stuff they air on the Weather Channel these days).

    And it's yet another impact of having corporations run by mid-1980s business school graduates who were taught in the mantra "the only thing that matters is profits, profits, profits, profits, and profits"

    But I wouldn't worry too much. After three or four dismal episodes, they'll call it a "season" and defcide not to renew (which seems to be the ususal fate for much of the reality c%^& on tv these days).

    Another rivalry

    Has Honey Boo Boo been notified?

    Maybe that is what those film crews have been doing all over Rozzie these last few months. No one seems to know what they were doing. Some of their footage was just backdrop footage. That's all anyone was able to gt out of them.

    The only Boston show worth

    The only Boston show worth watching is Boston's Finest.

    There's nothing worse than "reality" shows that are dramatized, like Southie Rules. Almost every reality show is at least partially scripted anymore. What's "realistic" about any of it? It makes me want to vomit, to think TLC has tricked people throughout country into believing that's what a Bostonian is, just like with Jersey Shore.

    I swear a Housewives of Boston is right around the corner...