Was the city paralyzed today by ads for a stupid cartoon?

Update: Channel 4 reports a big hoax involving mooninites. The Weekly Dig points to the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie.


Channel 4 managed to capture some images of the thing the bomb squad blew up at Sullivan Square this morning. Kind of an odd etching on an IED, no? Thanks to the folks at B0st0n LiveJournal, we can now report it's a depiction of a mooninite - a successor to the creatures from "Space Invaders."

Compare to this image of a mooninite from Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force:

Oh, Jesus!

Now look at the Flickr images Brian dug up of LED circuit boards that show flashing mooninites:

This, this and this

Somebody might have some 'splainin' to do.



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By Suldog on

What in the **** were these people thinking? That's all. No great insight to offer. The stupidity of this is overwhelming.

AThf is the "bomb"

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This just goes to show how out of touch the Mayor of Boston and his storm troopers are...oh my god I hope this turns out to be good advetising for Adult Swim.....

I love that "sophisticated

By Amy on

I love that "sophisticated electronic equipment" translates to "LiteBrite."

Also, if you Google Lite-Brite, you can find a wonderful computerized Lite-Brite.


The Globe still withholding this key fact

By Brian on

I'm still waiting for someone in the media to acknowledge what's going on here. There has been ample reporting online about this, most of which has been posted to Boston.com for over an hour. But they still keep refusing to explain what's going on, calling it a hoax which leads one to think it was a bomb hoax which it clearly wasn't. Guess we have to wait for the 4.30 press conference for the media to acknowledge reality. Its not real until Tom Menino says so.

Channel 4 is acknowledging the mooninite angle

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And look, bostonherald.com finally has a story!

Channel 5 is just absolutely stunned that there are no medical crews at the Mass. Ave. bridge, but is still pushing the "similarity to an improvised explosive device" angle. Oh, good, here comes Nat to congratulate Ed and Susan for not making it sound like terrorism. And we "should take great comfort" in the fact that the mayor, the governor and the police commissioner are all in one room. Ed notes that "there was nobody running down the streets" at Park Street.

Still not the whole story

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I've heard that the news channels have been noting the Aqua Teens since about 4pm, but it still seems like a key fact is being withheld.

From links posted right here at uhub, I already found the people who claimed responbility for this. Its a marketing firm, presumably working for Adult Swim (a division of Time/Warner). There is no mystery. There is no bomb hoax. Its advertising. That's pretty context, I'd say.

There were more ...

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About three weeks ago, there were two at Newbury/Mass Ave. One was on the Newbury Street side of 100 Mass Ave., the other on the westward girder of the Mass Ave overpass above the Masspike (under the bus shelter).

They only lasted a few days before being removed.

Interesting that it all happened today, as during the night (when lit), they looked much more suspicious.


For all of you that are pissed off about this, just make sure you don't hate the show. It's exceptionally funny.

Only in Boston...

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The dinosaurs who report Boston's local news seem incredulous that there is thing out there called "guerilla marketing." God, what planet do these folks inhabit? They need to stop huffing all that hairspray and try plugging into the "real" world. So serious here in Boston!

I could not tear myself away from Channel 5

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Ed Harding marveled over the concept: "It's a new world we live in!"

And Jorge Quiroga seemed kind of put out that he was the only person on Harvard Street in Allston who didn't have a clue (not that I would have, either, but then, I'm not on TV).

Ah, yes, unconfirmed reports

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At one point, Nat mentioned all the information pouring into the newsroom that she wasn't going to tell us until it had been confirmed. Confirmation for her came only when Turner issued a statement, apparently.

Channel 7

By Cranky on

Channel 7 just showed the charater, but blurred the finger so no one would be offended.


I would have felt safer if

By on

I would have felt safer if this all happened three weeks ago when they first started to pop up. Let's hope any bombs that are placed in our city have a timer on them a couple weeks long.

The MBTA has some 'splainin to do

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Now that we have been terrorized by toons, I'd like to know how and when the MBTA is going to apologise.

Being "in charge here" seems to be synonymous with "don't have a clue OR a plan" in these parts. Lack of communication of a situation might tip people off to that, so just act like a bullying jerk, say nothing, and maybe the customers will just go away.

You would think that they would have a way to isolate any station on the line and still get people around it even if they couldn't get people to it. You would think they could run trains back and forth on opposite platforms to get people around the rest of the line. But that would take more planning than a system that doesn't even understand the concept of rush hour meaning busses take longer to run their routes. Difficult stuff, that.

Journalists / propagandists pushing fear in Bush's America

By Aaron on

How are you taking it seriously, by causing "widespread panic and destruction." (reporter question at news conference with Sean Stevens and Peter Berdovsky)

"Level 3, beware the Gorgarton. He's in love. "

"Shoot em' in the head!"

"Head shot, rampage, killing spree!"

"You have mastered Moon Master, you are the Moon Master!"

"No f--king way!"

"Yes way Err."

(Aqua Teen Hunger Force -- Moon Master)

I always knew that Err was a terrorist. As soon as all those Bostonians saw him flipping them off they immediately came to the same realization.

Once again George W. Bush has saved us all from the evils of 80s era video game characters. Thank heaven for God Emperor Bush and the paranoia he has brought to this great country.

Bush's Massachusetts

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I was under the impression that the People's Soviet Republic of Taxachusetts was run by, uh, Democrats. How did "God Emperor Bush" arrange for such fine progressive people to act like hysterical idiots? Mind control rays? Did the martyred Kennedys die for your sins in vain?