Will they taste true MBTA justice?

Kids, you really don't want to do this: Spend two weeks' collecting old CharlieTickets, then have a ticket-redemption flash mob at Downtown Crossing. It's one thing for Ron Newman to do it; quite another for a whole gaggle of 20somethings to tempt the T fates:

... We will line up and wreck havoc. We might even trash the place in rock star fashion! ...

No, you will all get hauled off to whatever passes for a T jail as some stern T cop warns the assembled media about the imminent arrival of mayhem in the streets. Just ask those graffiti taggers from Germany and Wisconsin.




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    I don't see the point of

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    I don't see the point of this, unless overwhelming the T employees on duty is somehow "cool" and "edgy".

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    A suggestion


    A suggestion I just made to Charlie at the MBTA, but I offer it here, too;

    May I suggest an experiment? Why don't you make a post explicitly asking any T exectives, managers, or workers to let you know (1) if they read your blog, and how often, and (2) what they do with the information they learn from it?

    I am curious. Aren't you?


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    Good suggestion, thanks, although given that Grabauskas is on record as dismissing blogs, I suspect nobody will answer.

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    The point is ...

    well, three points really:

    - Show the T that they need to put an "add ticket value to card" function on their vending machines

    - Educate the public that they should refill and then use up CharlieTickets with value, instead of throwing them away

    - Redirect some otherwise-wasted CharlieTicket money to people in need

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    The point of your point

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    I think you did a good thing! I think the person questioning "the point," though, was referring to the Ron wannabes, who seem to want to do this just because, not because they're trying to make any kind of political or moral statement. But I'm in the "flash mobs are so 2003, dudes" camp, so I'm probably biased.

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