How Sacco and Vanzetti helped George Bush defeat Mike Dukakis

Ooh, lookee: Conservapedia is here to refute the Godless commies at Wikipedia (finally: a pedia not afraid to state that only Christians have true faith).

Being your basic blue Masshole, naturally, I wanted to see what they have to say about us. Turns out: Not a whole lot (although they do have a Chappaquiddick article), and some of that is, shall we say, factually challenged.

Massachusetts Liberal. A Liberal from Massachusetts. Generally, they want to throw out all rules of God, and live like animals. Often they are also evolutionists.

An article on Sacco and Vanzetti ends:

Fifty years after the executions of Sacco and Vanzetti, in 1977, Massachusetts Democratic governor and future presidential candidate Michael Dukakis signed a resolution apologizing to them and establishing a day in honor of them. However, he did not pardon them, and many remain convinced of their guilt. Dukakis' soft position on crime was a major reason for his defeat by the first President George Bush in 1988.

Little known facts about Massachusetts:

The Treaty of Portsmouth (which ended the Russo-Japanese War) was signed in Portsmouth, Mass.

In the 1920s, Massachusetts residents joined the cult of Cthulhu - a fact exposed by famed reporter Howard P. Lovecraft.



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        By JP on

        That wiki has got to be a parody. OMG - it's serious.

        Intelligent design?

        Their description of Massachusetts Liberal is the best proof I have ever seen that there is no such thing as intelligent design. Glad they did such in-depth research.

        well, gotta admit...

        By on

        They sure do live up to their claim of "no liberal bias."

        Sounds like it's a bunch of neocons who got their ears whapped by the Neutral Point Of View Wikipedians too many times.

        "Religious Nut-apedia"...

        By on

        ...maybe more accurate. Perhaps there are some of us here in Massachusetts that do want live like animals, but that typically occurs in the privacy of the bedroom and is only public knowledge due to craigslist/Phoenix ads. Isn't freedom beautiful?

        As for throwing out the "rules of God", call me crazy for not wanting to stone aduterers to death.

        The "Examples of Bias in

        By on

        The "Examples of Bias in Wikipedia" section is pretty sad.

        This is apparently the 8th most egregious example:

        "Gossip is pervasive on Wikipedia. Many entries read like the National Enquirer. For example, Wikipedia's entry on Nina Totenberg states, "She married H. David Reines, a trauma physician, in 2000. On their honeymoon, he treated her for severe injuries after she was hit by a boat propeller while swimming." That sounds just like the National Enquirer, and reflects a bias towards gossip. Conservapedia avoids gossip and vulgarity, just as a true encyclopedia does. "