Do you feel informed about the candidates in the primary election in 2 weeks on Sept. 9?

It's the primary elections on Tuesday, September 9. Do you know the candidates' positions? Their names? Which parties have primaries for which positions?

No, I didn't even realize it is only 2 weeks until the primary.
53% (76 votes)
Yes, I have some awareness of who is running, but I have no idea their positions.
25% (36 votes)
Yes, I am fully informed and have even gone through a practice ballot.
18% (26 votes)
Yes, I think that one person is running. I'll probably vote for them by name alone.
2% (4 votes)
Total votes: 142


How do I vote here?

I've been keeping up with the candidates, and am not finding any who I align with. It's going to be an interesting voting season for me.


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(alphabetical order)

Governor, Democrat
* Donald Berwick ( )
* Martha Coakley ( )
* Steve Grossman ( )

Governor, Republican
* Charlie Baker ( )
* Mark Fisher ( )

Lieutenant Governor, Democrat
* Leland Cheung ( )
* Steve Kerrigan ( )
* Mike Lake ( )

Attorney General, Democrat
* Maura Healey ( )
* Warren Tolman ( )

Treasurer, Democrat
* Thomas Conroy ( )
* Barry Finegold ( )
* Deborah Goldberg ( )

US House of Representatives, Democrat
* The Fifth and Sixth Districts have multiple primary candidates

US House of Representatives, Republican
* The Ninth District has multiple primary candidates

Any unlisted position/party combination does not have more than 1 primary candidate or was a position that I wasn't worried about looking up all of the candidates on. Feel free to do the same for your particular hobby horse in a separate comment.

Bonus points if you can name any other state offices that have contested primaries.

Thanks Kaz

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This will help with the research I still have to do!

Democrat Primary for Governor Debates

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The Democrat candidates for Governor will be debating at WWLP in Chicopee on Wednesday this week at 8 PM. I believe it will be available online. I don't think it will be rebroadcast on TV in the Boston area since 22 News is not network-affiliated.

There is also a debate next Wednesday, September 3, at 7 PM which will be shown on WCVB and WHDH (at a minimum). I believe there is a third debate next week as well, but I don't know the details.

More candidates

should use poorly made plywood signs like a certain perennial candidate. Who needs technology and debates when you have dumpsters to empty.

Thanks, Kaz

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I really appreciate the time you spent putting this together, Kaz. I've spent the morning reading positions from the various candidates, and am shocked to see that's there's an honest-to-god progressive running for governor. Too bad he'll be destroyed by better-organized politicos, but damn.

You're welcome

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After a comment I saw on Twitter that basically said "we're about to elect the person who is going to beat Charlie Baker and all the local news can talk about is Ferguson", I wondered just how out of touch everyone feels upon self-evaluation.

Mass GOP trying to be smart

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Baker is trying to be everywhere, even holding out hope of getting votes in Boston. I doubt he'll too well in Boston, barring a Berwick win or a Coakley meltdown, but I think if the GOP is trying to be relevant locally, doing things like reaching out to minority communities is a good start.

I saw Baker at a road race in June. He seemed a bit ill at ease, like something wasn't going according to script.


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Boston was a bastion for Warren. Berwick is positioning himself like Warren (progressive political outsider tired of the shenanigans and ready to clean house). Baker wouldn't pull votes from Berwick in Boston. He might get more of the vote in further out places that don't know Berwick well at this point, but I think even that would change as Berwick would get more exposure if he were to win the primary and people would have to learn who he is compared to Baker.

I'm not saying he'll win Boston

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But compare Warren's numbers (with Obama on the ticket) to Coakley's in 2010. Warren got 75% of the vote while Coakley got 68%. If the race is close, the Dems will need Boston to come out strong.

And perhaps another thing to think of. Brown made a stand in Southie. One of the more conservative parts of Boston, sure, but still, it helped his everyman persona. If Baker runs ads with him stumping in Roxbury (which I believe he has), it softens the edge.

I was reading a book about Toronto mayor Rob Ford recently. A claim was made that in Canada, immigrants tend to be more conservative, and vote similarly. In the U.S., the conservative movement tolerates to some extent racism and xenophobia, which most people say could doom the GOP in the long run. I'm not saying Baker is a great guy, but he knows that getting the small government, entrepreneurial message out means meeting different types of people and convincing them of the message.

Sherriff Bennett?

When I can I not vote for Doug?

I'm dying to see how long those signs stay up after he loses. Weeks? Months? They do appear to be somewhat biodegradable.

I tried to match the poll...

... but we haven't received a sample ballot.

I have decided on all but one primary race in the Ds, and will probably do the "look them up on Google News" thing the weekend before for that race.

I keep getting robocalled and called by volunteers who have my number from the Warren campaign; alas, some of their candidates do not fit my profile. Heh.

Tongue in cheek

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The "and filled out a sample ballot" is just a bit of hyperbolic tongue in cheek. :)

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