Police stop machete-wielding thug before he can finish carving man up

Boston Police report officers on patrol in East Boston around 9 last night spotted a man chasing another man around Maverick Square with a machete. Before they could intervene, the attacker swung at his victim several times, opening him up in the arm and thigh. One officer used his belt as a tourniquet to help stop the victim's blood loss.

Josue Pineda, 22, of East Boston, now faces several charges, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault with intent to murder.

Also last night, police responded to a shooting at 35 Harmon St. in Mattapan; the victim was taken to Boston Medical Center and is expected to live.

Note: BPDNews reports six stabbings and three shootings across the city over the weekend (most of which were not detailed on the site).




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