To all my 20-something acquaintances

Tomorrow, the Herald will likely run a Margery Eagan column on the ways some people in their 20s chronicle every last second of their lives via online photos and videos.

After I got off the phone with her, I realized that, oy, taken out of context, some of the things I said could make it seem like I'm one of those curmudgeonly "kids today!" types, with my pants up to my chest as I yell at you to get offa my Internets, dammit, when I actually think this whole thing is pretty cool. Plus, the basic idea really isn't any different than the Super-8 movies and scrapbooks that Margery and I remember from our youths - except you don't have to wait for the photos to come back from the lab (and, well, they can make it easier for complete strangers to snicker at you).

'Course, I'm probably just being paranoid and I'm sure Margery, a fine columnist, won't make it sound like I hate everybody under 30. But just in case: I don't.

Eagan talked to me even after learning I was well past 20-somethingness myself. Dunno if she knew about this.



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    generation gap?

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    You know, you thirty-somethings always feel the need to look down upon what we younger folk use to communicate with each other, and express ourselves with! How dare you all look down your noses at us and hold us up to ridic...

    What a minute. I turned 30 a few months ago, didn't I? Uhh, nevermind...

    Second annual 39th birthday

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    Me too.

    You realize that Gen-X is horrendously outnumbered by the Me Generation and their spawn, the You Generation (You Generation? Just check out everything marketed to 20s and under - everything is about how YOU like this or that - all custom or customizable for YOU)

    gonna cry now

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    i've been stuck on this generational edge for so long. too young to be a proper gen-x slacker, too old to be a proper gen-y/millennial.

    but i guess being lumped with the under 30 crowd, i can deal for another year :D besides, i may resemble them. ;)

    Phew, not a generational thing at all

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    Eagan's column is more about boring people in general and this Internet thing. However, if you are a Twitter user or somebody who takes great pride in your online appendectomy video, you probably won't be talking to me for awhile. Like, say, Steve Garfield:

    I heard you [Eagan, that is] on the radio yesterday, talking about this, and had to shut you off because you don't know what you are talking about.

    Oh, and Jay reminds me that paranoia is a state of mind.

    Hee hee

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    "Information superhighway"?

    Oh, Margery, you and your crazy cutting-edge lingo.

    I work really hard....

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    To make Twitter boring every day. Then I go on to make boring podcasts and boring blog entries.

    I'm a triple threat.

    Oh - and then there's the boring of MySpace.

    My parents are products of

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    My parents are products of the 60s. They decided that once I turned 30, they couldn't trust me anymore.

    I'm well past that now. My mother recently decided I just turned 15 so she can be 40. My mother lives in her own version of reality.


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    The only thing I'd agree with Hysterical Harriet here is that it would be very bad form to let people cellphone-spam their so-called friends with constant updates about everything and nothing, with the friends unable to do anything about it or stop it.

    That is, it WOULD be. If it were actually happening. In order to receive cellphone updates from Twitter users, you yourself have to sign up for an account, add people to your friends list, then add your phone number to your profile and instruct Twitter to send your friends' updates to your cellphone. I know this and I don't even use the damn thing (I admit to signing up but only to ensure nobody took my beautiful special and unique username.)

    The way Breathless Mahoney describes it in her column, you'll be hanging out minding your own business when WHAM! POW! SOCKO!! you're inundated with meaningless messages from OUT OF NOWHERE! Beep! BEEP!! Beep! BEEP!! Beep! There's another one! And another, and another, and another! How do I stop them? OH MY GOD THE DELUGE IT'S TERRIBLE, PLEASE SEND CYBERHIPWADERS, I'M CLINGING TO A ROOF ON THE FLOODED CYBERSPACE E-INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY!!!1 CURSE YOU, YOUNG PEOPLE AND YOUR TECHNOLOGICAL WAYS!!

    But then again, logic and actual facts have never gotten anywhere in the way of a good old-fashioned Herald hysteria piece, have they?