Does Brother Nathanael have a secret?

A couple days before Brother Nathanael had his run-in with police at Trader Joe's, Rhine watched and photographed him at the end of his shift - at 6 p.m., he put away his giant crucifix, folded up his stuff and left that traffic island he screams from when not yelling at little old Jewish ladies at Trader Joe's. And then Rhine noticed that Brother Nathanael had dropped something:

... What Brother Nathanael dropped was a prepaid card with a scratch box for 30 free minutes from a gay adult website. Now there are many reasons as to why he could have had the prepaid card: It could be a prop he uses when he preaches that everyone is going to hell, or just something that was handed to him by a random solicitor, or maybe it actually was his. ...



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    Slander Against Me - False Assertion

    You would make a lousy lawyer. Please look at the pavement in which I am walking on. Now look at the pavement that you said I dropped the flier. The pavement I am walking on is a very *old pavement* without pebbles inserted into it.

    But the pavement where you falsely say that I dropped the flier is a *new pavement* with pebbles inserted into it.

    May I make a suggestion to you? Before you “bear false witness against your neighbor,” (the 9th Commandment,) I suggest that you pray about it first. For Jesus loves me more than you are going to like to know.

    Brother Nathanael Street Evangelist @

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    But someone who might make a

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    But someone who might make a good lawyer posts to the website of the person who reposts the observation rather than the original author?

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    Oh, don't worry

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    He posted to the original site as well. But props for boldly asserting that "Jesus loves you, but he loves me more."

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    Also, the thing dropped is

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    Also, the thing dropped is clearly dropped in a street, not a sidewalk; a street very much like the one the good Brother is crossing in the last photo.

    Methinks someone doth protest too much. Mesayeth not who in particular, though.

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    How can something in print be slander?

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