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By - 2/23/17 - 10:03 pm
Trans rights rally in Post Office Square in Boston

Trans rights march in Post Office Square, where DoE has offices. Photo by Jed Hresko.

Both Mayor Walsh and School Superintendent Tommy Change reaffirmed their commitment to protecting transgender students, the day after the Trump administration told schools they no longer had to do so - and never mind he once promised to protect them.

In a statement, Mayor Walsh said: Read more.

By - 2/19/17 - 2:35 pm
Alternative facts are irrational

Ask a high-school math student.

A couple thousand scientists took time out today from a national conference at the Hynes - or just their weekends at home or in the lab - to protest attacks on science in general and climate science in particular, in a rally in Copley Square. Read more.

By - 2/18/17 - 11:01 am

...and Rep Jack Kingston comes along for the ride. More of Milo, the premier spokesman for the alt-right, on Real Time with Bill Maher.


By - 2/15/17 - 4:10 pm

The Globe reports that Bill Linehan won't seek a seventh term as city councilor in District 2, which covers South Boston, the South End, Chinatown and Downtown.

Frank Ulip, who lives downtown and Peter Lin-Marcus, who lives in Chinatown, have both signaled their interest in running for the seat this fall by forming political committees. However, Linehan's announcement could also lead to a flood of candidates from South Boston.

By - 2/15/17 - 12:29 pm

NBC Boston reports unease over reports that Russian spy ship has been spotted "in the waters off the coast of Connecticut," although the report adds that means international waters, not Long Island Sound.

Fortunately, we're still at the slapstick comedy phase of things; here's hoping things don't progress to Dr. Strangelove or Fail Safe mode.

By - 2/14/17 - 1:03 pm

A man escorted out of West End Johnnie's on Portland Street shortly before closing on Nov. 11 says he suffered a broken nose and a fractured eye socket in an attack down the street by Trump haters who'd overheard him expressing his happiness at the election results two nights earlier. On Nov. 12, another man claimed he was jumped by more than a dozen Trump supporters and bouncers at Limelight on Tremont Street, whom he claims broke his nose.

Boston Police assigned a civil-rights detective to investigate the West End Johnnie's case, but say there is no evidence the Limelight victim was jumped by anybody, let alone 15 Trump supporters. Read more.

By - 2/13/17 - 9:17 am

Bob Massie, who briefly ran for the US Senate until Elizabeth Warren entered the race in 2011, is telling supporters he's thinking of running for governor next year because of the threat of Trumpism: Read more.

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Man, you think you know who your friends are. Election Day was so nice, I wasn't busy, and I could've done with a day trip. Let me know next time, 'kay?

Let's see, any other Boston-related Prevaricator-in-Chief news? Oh, yeah, here's a story: Trump adviser who claimed to be an expert witness in Boston bombing trial never actually testified.

By - 2/10/17 - 1:32 pm
Frank Ulip

A downtown resident has registered a formal campaign organization with state elections officials.

Frank Ulip says he will run for the District 2 seat now held by Bill Linehan of South Boston. Linehan has yet to say if he'll be running for re-election this fall. The city does not release formal petitions for collecting signatures until May. Read more.

By - 2/10/17 - 9:36 am

City Councilor Josh Zakim and HIAS, a group originally formed to aid victims of Russian pogroms resettle in the US, will hold a vigil in support of refugees at 11 a.m. on Sunday at the Holocaust Memorial downtown.

The vigil, part of a national Day of Jewish Action for Refugees, is also being organized by the local ADL, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston and the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center.

By - 2/8/17 - 1:44 pm

A city council committee will look into setting up a pilot defense fund for immigrants facing possible legal action under any measures passed by the federal government. Read more.

By - 2/8/17 - 9:53 am

Here's the letter our senator was kept from reading on the floor of the Senate. At least treatment of Massachusetts senators has improved over the years.

By - 2/4/17 - 10:34 pm

WBUR reports on a movement, sparked by Last Week Tonight writer and Pats fan Josh Gondelman, to find a group to donate to every time the Trump-friendly Patriots score tomorrow.

By - 2/4/17 - 7:44 pm

The Globe reports the state court system has put Felix Arroyo, Sr. on leave as it investigates something about the way he's done his job after replacing Patty Campatelli, who was put on leave during an investigation into various infractions, including allegedly punching a subordinate.

By - 2/4/17 - 3:44 pm

If Google News finds an article written about Sen Warren's speech I'll post an excerpt and link here.

What do you like about Warren's analysis? What do you dislike?