Other Extremely Unscientific Exit Poll - Questions Two & Three

Yes - Yes
60% (445 votes)
No - Yes
24% (176 votes)
Yes - No
5% (40 votes)
No - No
10% (73 votes)
Other (Abstained? Apathetic? Something Else?)
1% (8 votes)
Total votes: 742



Can you include it? It still

Can you include it? It still matters. AAA is still supporting it.

BTW, the difference from what I can tell so far is the ballot measure requires the main effects to come 3 years earlier, a stronger penalty to refuse, and some additional information that the compromise... compromised.

Good Side Subject

What ballot question do you wish HAD been on the ballot?

"Stores that play Christmas music, prior to the day following Thanksgiving, shall pay the state a $10,000 penalty per hundred square feet of retail space, all monies thus raised going into a mental health fund for those who are driven around the bend by such mistimed music. Failure to pay said penalty shall result in a subsequent ban upon putting Valentine candy on the shelves prior to February, or a sprig of holly driven through the CEO's heart (assuming a heart can be located.)"

Nah, not really. I'm too much of a libertarian to actually want a law against it. But I'm damn tempted.


False flag?

I dunno, this guy looks like a plant (um... no pun intended?). Most of the guys I know advocating for legalization just copy Jim Morrison lyrics into the comment box. No caps lock there.

I'm For It, OK?

Have been for years. And I appreciate your fervor. But if you're going to argue for legalization, know your stuff. Otherwise, folks will pick you apart and leave the entire cause in worse shape than it was before you got there.

You can pick coca leaves, stuff 'em in your mouth, and chew on 'em. That's how folks originally used 'em and glommed onto the many possible benefits.

And you can't pick pot leaves off of a tree and smoke it. For one thing, it doesn't grow on trees. For another, it has to be cured prior to smoking. Have you ever tried smoking dope straight from the green bush?

Relax, my friend. It will probably pass.