Southie Rules

22% (98 votes)
15% (66 votes)
25% (112 votes)
Wicked Awesome!
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34% (153 votes)
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Not as totally horrible as I expected, but still bad enough

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I watched it out of morbid curiosity, and to see what sights they might show of the area, and it actually isn't as putrid as I expected. It's almost like a satire. They don't even try to pretend like anything going on is actually real. Still, I don't see myself becoming a regular viewer. Once was enough to
satisfy my curiosity.

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Gave it a miss

But the advertisements were pretty hard to stomach.

And this from a man who enjoys Duck Dynasty!

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Don't Diss Duck Dynasty!

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That family is funny as hell and runs a big company out of a swamp. Don't let the beard fool you - Jase is smart and clever. Uncle Si is, well, Uncle Si and that's the fact, Jack.

Bonus points for helping out with donations and time to help with conservation efforts in Louisiana.

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If you look at it as less of

If you look at it as less of a Jersey Shore-type show and more of an Always Sunny-type show (it's so scripted, it may as well be a sitcom), it's actually pretty hilarious. Devin may be my new favorite character on TV. He's a delightful combination of Charlie Kelly and Dennis Reynolds.

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Yes, I think mediac is right. If you drop any pretense of it being a "reality" show and look at it as a sitcom it could be pretty funny. Selling meatballs to raise $90? And the mother walking in at just the right time to see her son do a striptease. I watched the first one out of curiousity, but didn't watch the second.

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After too many well-timed scenarios like that it became apparent the show is scripted, not a 'reality' show in the expected sense...

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