Who would win in a fight: Museum of Science T-Rex or Rte. 1 T-Rex?

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The contestants

Battlin' dinos. MoS T-Rex photo by Chris Devers, used under this CC license.Battlin' dinos. MoS T-Rex photo by Chris Devers, used under this CC license.

Thanks to Garrett Quinn for posting this tough question. Some answers to his original tweet:

I'm sorry the MOS of sciece

I'm sorry the MOS of sciece T-rex was an indoor T-rex that got kicked out of the house. He obviously will not have street smarts. The Route 1 T-rex got into one heck of a fight and managed to bring himself back. After his injury all of the North Shore region was pulling for his recovery and would have his back in any fight. No contest, Big Orange wins.

The Wilds of Rt. 1

Any creature who has faced the traffic of Rt. 1, the New England weather in all four seasons, and smog and pollution of the area must have exceptional evolutionary stamina. Alternatively, any creature that poses in the relative tranquility of an exhibit, overlooking the scenic sunset along the Charles is doomed to irrelevance and degeneration, and finally, moth-balling.

2 is better than one

The Trex on Route 1 looks to be wearing denchers.
The Trex at the MOS has a friend on the inside of that building that would gladly assist in whooping Route 1's leg brace and dencher wearing dinosaur