Best pizza in Boston

Wayne Dutch seeks guidance.



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Pino's and anyone who says different belongs in a re-education camp.

Meanwhile, in Somerville...

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Leone's on Winter Hill makes an amazing Sicilian slice. I think it would beat anything else around.

Angelina's in Teele Square makes a great, thin, NY-like slice. I'm from NY, and it's the closest thing I've found here.

Both of these places seem to use the right ingredients, which 60-80% of pizza places in urban Boston just don't do.

In the spring I'll be doing a Somerville pizza crawl and taking many photos...

Amen and amen

I'm leaving Boston for the Midwest in a few days and the one place I absolutely made sure to hit before leaving was Umberto's. I'm sure I'll be dreaming about a slice from there (okay, three slices) while eating that thin crust, provolone-covered mess they're so enamored with in Missouri.


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That would be an improvement. I've seen cheddar on "pizza" at a locally well-regarded joint in St Louis, so help me God.


Original Regina's only
Brown Jug-Chelsea

The BEST in Massachusetts

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Ernesto´s on Salem Street in North End. Formerly known as Giorgio´s, this place is hands down the best!!!

Beat Me To It

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My favorite - Pleasant Cafe.

Pino's (Cleveland Circle) is also good.

If you'd like a decent standard New York-style pie, thin crispy crust, inexpensive, two places in Southie aren't too bad at all. Frosty's (L at 2nd Street) and Liberty Bell (Broadway at C).

(Yeah, Liberty Bell is a roast beef place, and a damn good one, but I discovered their pizza about a month ago. Not too shabby at all.)


Imperial Pizza Brighton

Imperial is myfavorite.

Plain Cheese, which is what all good pizza should be judged by. None of this stuffed sausage buffalo chicken crap.

Newtowne in Cambridge is good.

North of Boston, I go for 621 grill in Saugus.

It's a tie

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Umberto in the North End or Santarpio's in Eastie

Don't judge pizza by the toppings, look for long lines and small menus

The European

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This thread is making me feel nostalgic for The European. My family would go there and we'd get antipasto (an exotic dish for a Scottish/Irish/Polish girl like me) and HUGE pizzas!

European Decor

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Used to love those giant oval pizzas.
And in the bar they had these tacky landscape paintings with moving water done in lights that I loved as a kid.