Best pizza in Boston

Wayne Dutch seeks guidance.



Some answers via Twitter

Meanwhile, in Somerville...

Leone's on Winter Hill makes an amazing Sicilian slice. I think it would beat anything else around.

Angelina's in Teele Square makes a great, thin, NY-like slice. I'm from NY, and it's the closest thing I've found here.

Both of these places seem to use the right ingredients, which 60-80% of pizza places in urban Boston just don't do.

In the spring I'll be doing a Somerville pizza crawl and taking many photos...

Amen and amen

I'm leaving Boston for the Midwest in a few days and the one place I absolutely made sure to hit before leaving was Umberto's. I'm sure I'll be dreaming about a slice from there (okay, three slices) while eating that thin crust, provolone-covered mess they're so enamored with in Missouri.

Beat Me To It

My favorite - Pleasant Cafe.

Pino's (Cleveland Circle) is also good.

If you'd like a decent standard New York-style pie, thin crispy crust, inexpensive, two places in Southie aren't too bad at all. Frosty's (L at 2nd Street) and Liberty Bell (Broadway at C).

(Yeah, Liberty Bell is a roast beef place, and a damn good one, but I discovered their pizza about a month ago. Not too shabby at all.)