Affordable gym in Auburndale or Fenway

Shannon asks:

Just moved to Auburndale. Fiancé works by Fenway and is looking for affordable gym. No car. Thoughts on either location?



Some answers via Twitter

Gymnasium in West Newton

Gymnasium in West Newton seemed pretty good the couple of times I've been there. They are small, no treadmills or bikes, they hold some classes outside in nicer weather. If I recall they have monthly options or a la carte, class-by-class options.

It's not close, but not far

The BPHC owned and operated South End Fitness Center on Northampton St, between Harrison Av and Albany St, is a quick hop down Mass Ave on the #1 and is quite affordable. The gym there has everything one needs for a full work out and is nothing special, its real secret though is that it probably has the best pool in the city. It is 25 yards and rarely crowded. I swim there four times per week and rarely have to share a lane. Memberships start at $360 per year and there are discounts for City and BMC employees, employees of some city affiliated commissions and BU Medical students, etc.