Gifts for friends in other states

Robin asks:

Bostonians: what do you bring as local gifts for pals when you're traveling via plane & not checking a bag?



Some answers via Twitter

Yes - Burdick's FTW!

At this point, if I don't get my mom a 1/2 lbs Burdick box for major holidays (xmas/moms day/bday), I can count on there being a certain...reserve...the next time we talk. Not that she doesn't love her eldest son...she just likes him a lot more when he's gotten her hand-made gourmet chocolates.

Btw, everyone loves the little mousies and penguins - but you get twice as many chocolates if you get a so-called 'everday assortment' box (and those have a couple meeses in them as well). Frugality and luxury...bestill my yankee heart!


We sent a bag of Boston Baked Beans candy to my southern grandma one year; she called and asked how long to soak them. We also like to mail cans of Peach Blossoms.