Good burgers in Allston

Jeremy Goldenberg asks:

Craving a really good burger in Allston. Anyone have any good leads?




Some answers via Twitter


Finally, the question the Boston Globe has been waiting for! I'm sure right now they have a "Boston's Best Burgers" slideshow you can click though. Of course they won't offer any details about the establishments or give any indication of why any one burger is better then another but at least they have plenty of ads you can watch while you wait for the page to load.

They stopped reporting a long time ago and switched to an all infotainment slideshow format so someone might as well take advantage of it. Also check them out for stock art slideshows of useless resume tips.

I used to think Cornwall's in Kenmore Sq had the best blue cheese burgers on this side of town. I think they are off their peak (burger wise) but the place is still hard to beat if you are willing to leave Allston.


Allston has a few good burgers

My favorites are at Deep Ellum (also a great bar for beer and cocktail geeks), Harry's Bar & Grill (one of those massive pub-style burgers), and uBurger (a quality rendition of a cheap fast-food burger). Big Daddy's is a sub shop that does a nice version of a burger/BLT club sandwich.

The kafta kabab rollup at Azama Grill is delicious, like an Egyptian variant on the burger. Root does a spectacular version of a veggie burger with great fries. (It's actually vegan, but don't tell nobody.)


The Avenue is good -- if you go on Monday, you can get $2 burgers.

But for true burger joy you need to get out to Brighton Center and get a bacon cheddar burger from Jim's Deli.