Ramen in Chinatown

Jordan Munson asks:

Best place in Chinatown (Boston) to grab a quick ramen lunch?





Momogoose is such a great truck. There's one always in Dewey for lunch, and there's also one down by the end of High St near Howl at the Moon. They have a couple soups you can get with ramen--I like the bbq chicken soup the best. It's perfect on a cold day and loaded with chicken, noodles, and veggies. $6 and served up fast!

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Best Italian food in Chinatown?

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You mean Japanese ramen soup? Not in Chinatown that I know of but two places in Porter Sq, one of which is out of this world...

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Chinatown is not solely about Chinese food

It has several worthy Japanese restaurants, most of which happen to focus on sushi and sashimi, the most popular subset of Japanese cuisine in the States. It also has fine Vietnamese, Korean, modern pan-Asian, Thai, and Malaysian restaurants. In fact, I've had some extraordinary ramen in Chinatown, but that restaurant, Shojo, doesn't have it on its current menu. You might be surprised to learn that there are some great non-Italian restaurants in the North End, too.

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No great ramen in Chinatown

Better off going for pho at Pho Pasteur or Pho Hoa, noodle soup topped with Chinese "bbq" (roast meats) at Hong Kong Eatery or Vinh-Sun BBQ, or soup with hand-pulled noodles and lamb at Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe nearby in Downtown Crossing (on Bedford Street).

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Agreed with what MC Slim JB says. I'll add that if you want spicy noodles, you should go to Xinh Xinh for their pho sate dac biet, which is delicious and has singlehandedly cured me of several nasty colds by napalming my sinus cavities.

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