Tattoo artists in Cambridge who can do Hebrew lettering

Polaris asks:

Can anyone recommend a Cambridge-area tattoo place that can do Hebrew lettering? Having no luck searching.



Some answers via Twitter

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I believe the place in the

I believe the place in the Garage in Harvard can do it.

However be aware that if you're Orthodox, you can't be buried in a Jewish cemetary if you have a tattoo.

Yeah sure

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I know a great verse to put on there. How about Leviticus 19:28?

No wait, I've got it. This says Powerful Biblical Warrior: שמעגעגע

Why do people feel the need

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Why do people feel the need to pipe in with their unsolicited opinions? The only schmegege here is you, schmuck.

Most will transfer artwork

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If you have someone do the calligraphy, or print it out from your computer, most artists will either copy it freehand if that's how they're comfortable working, or will transfer it onto you with transfer paper and then do the tattoo using those lines. I've designed all of mine myself and this has been my experience.

But yes, by all means, ask a native speaker what s/he would think of the word/phrase being tattooed on someone. Hebrew especially is a language that tends to assign several meanings to one word, and a lot of perfectly common Hebrew words that mean nice things in the bible or were nice names 2000 years ago are going to make a modern Israeli wonder why the hell you have "gay" or "gonorrhea" on your arm.


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Yup. There are Chinese tattoo artists that have had a lot of fun at folks expense. Just google 'bad tattoos' or 'bad Chinese tattoos' and have fun.
If you provide your own art work, properly vetted beforehand, any good place can do it.