$1 oysters

Dana Finley asks:

Where's the best place in Boston to snag some $1 oysters (or similar special) tonight?




Some answers via Twitter

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Van Shabu

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Van Shabu & Bar 1156 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02125, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.from opening to closing. Once and a while they will have cherrystones. Great place to watch sports watch, almost a dozen TV's

Here's a few ideas

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Dante has $1 oysters daily from 4-6pm, Marliave has $1 Oysters from 4-6pm & 9-10pm and $1 oysters at Grafton Street after 11pm. Last time I checked Lineage does $1 oysters from 5-7pm. My blog, Boston on Budget, has a full list of Saturday night specials if she's looking for something other than oysters. HTH.

$ Oysters

Ashmont Grill in Dorchester. Every Thursday night until they run out. I go at least once a month. Edit: Oops. Didn't notice you were looking for a place for tonight.